Nature of spirit guides/source/angels and the guidance they can give.

Something I am asked about as a medium is also something I often ponder for myself.   This question is also part of what I chose as my lesson in this life – I am certain of this because of how often this appears in my life.


Just what is the job of spirit guides in our lives?  What can we ask and expect an answer to?  Why is it that something’s they show us seem to have no point – like earthquake premonitions?  Why is it that when we are at our hardest lessons in life they seem to stand back and let us do all the work?

 These ponderings have taken me to the edge of my faith many times.  As those who know me can attest too, my life has never been a walk in the park.   Most days what brings me back from that edge is the knowledge that their are those out there that have much hard lives that I.  It is not hard to find those people.  I also have been able to step away from that edge by realizing it is not personal – almost everyone I know has hardships and troubles to get over.
Then the questions always come back.
This month my two spirit guides have been focusing on this for me.  So maybe I have better answers to give myself and others in the future.  Let’s start with the first one, what exactly is the job of spirit guides in our lives?
A spirit guide is different from angels, source, and deities.  They are our direct connection with the other side.  They remember what we came here to accomplish and have the ability to see the bigger picture for us.  They are not able to act for us, know our thoughts, or intervene unless we give them permission too.  This is very important to remember.  They can not interfere in our lives when it is our lesson or achievement that is on the line.  They never leave our sides… ever.  So when you are in the midst of the crap of living – they are there and even when they can do nothing they will offer us love encouragement and support.  Spirit guides are in this with us, on the other side.  That means that they are invested in the outcomes of our journeys.  They act based on the knowledge they have for the greater good of us, and at times that will be action (or lack of it) that does not make sense to us in the moment.  They are not able to hear our conversations or interactions with God/Source – this is also very important.  If you are talking to God in your prayers you will get a response from God – not from spirit.
What does Source/The Great Creator/God do when you pray to him?  He supports you like a father would.  He listens, sends love, and does subtle things to make your life better.  He will not intervene in anything you created.  The point of your life is to send information back to him.  Interfering would make this impossible.  We are here experiencing for him and in return he gives us a soft place to fall.  He is very spiritual and not physical at all.
I need to go further with this for those of us who have not connected to the feminine aspect of this energy…
What does Source/The Great Creator/Goddess do when you pray to her?  She supports you like a mother would.  That includes times when she will pick up her sword and slay villains in your way.  She listens and shows you love in actions.  At times she will also intervene to represent your wishes beyond what she should do.  She will focus on your troubles and work on them even at times to the point she ignores the bigger picture.  She will protect her children as all mothers do – sheltering them from pain.  She is very physical and while connecting with the spirituality of things.
Confusion has arisen for many of us here because we didn’t understand when we got a response from God or the Goddess.  They are different in there approaches.  Hopefully now that you know the difference you can ask for either one directly as needed.
Angels are a whole different ball game.  They respond to our prayers with divine intervention.  They have never been physical so they do not know at times their responses are inadequate.  They also act fast – so asking them to help you in the moment is the best way to get a direct result.  They are directly connected to God/Goddess/Source/The Great Creator – they are operating with in those guidelines given to them by a higher power, with a directive of “be there for the incarnate at all times”.  An Angel’s specific job is to assist us when needed – but not to prevent that which is meant to happen.  There lies the little difference from the purpose of a Spirit Guide.  I tell everyone to get to know the angels as they are all different and there are times when asking for a specific one is best.
The next question is about precognition and premonition.  Most times this event is nothing more than us tuning into the bigger picture, mass consciousness in the moment.  I see this falling into two categories.  One where it is personal knowledge that stops us from getting on that plane which crashes.  The other is when it is all about others coming to harm and there is little you can do about it.  Earthquakes and premonition about the future of the planet fall into this category.   The event is so big that it has a signal to it, a radio wave so to speak that many of us hear prior to it happening.  It is just that simple.
Now there are times when the two cross or join.  For example I know I am no longer meant to live on the West Coast because of what I know is going to happen there.  My service is going to be in the after math and what I can do for others healing then.  By living in the interior I am set up for this purpose.
This final question is the biggest hardest one for me and those I talk with.  Many times in my life I have gone through things alone – completely feeling disconnected from spirit/source and divinity.  I call this feeling “being forsaken”.  The one thing I know for sure cures this is “time”.  Give anything enough time and it too will come to pass.  Take that from this blog if you take nothing else.
Now I will let my guides Aza and Ezajabah answer this question directly because of how important it is.
“Many frustrations appear when needs are expressed to guides from the incarnate.   One of them being the question is not asked but assumed.  Please ponder this next time you say to the universe/spirit/source/ why did you not help.  If you don’t ask we can not help you.  Let’s give an example:  “Please spirit guide can you help me find the money to pay bills and still afford to travel to my daughter’s graduation”.  That sounds straight forward enough but you didn’t ask if there was any reason why traveling at this time was so hard to arrange.  When the car breaks down you may accuse spirit of not helping you.  The truth from our point of view is different; in fact we did exactly what you asked us to do.  What needs to happen instead?  You need to be more mindful for a reply.  Pay attention to everything rather than just being focused on getting the outcome you want.  I know that I always give feed back on the bigger picture to my incarnate self and that information is not always listen too.
Spirit guides balance what is meant to happen, the emotional, intellectual and physical well being with the prayers/requests of our incarnate selves.  We have no concept of time like you do – which means we are often able to see all aspects and multiple lives happening simultaneously.  We navigate probabilities while trying to be in the moment with you at the time of your needs.  It is a big job at times and one that offers conflict frequently.  An example would be – hearing over and over again from one of our incarnate selves that they want to be in a relationship with someone we can see is not for our greater good.  This gives us a choice.  We let our incarnate selves find there own way, we try to direct them to someone else, or we make it so that they learn first hand why this is a bad idea.  Giving what is asked for at times is the last thing we want to do even when that means we have angry energy directed towards us.  Your free will is never compromised and never miss understand that you are the one in control.  Not us.
At times we are asked conflicting requests.  My incarnate self has asked me in the past to help her achieve maximum health while making her career successful.  I could not do both.  Success in “her” career choice and maximum health were in direct conflict.  I had to pick the middle road in that scenario.  No one was happy with the outcome and the end result was her health became the main focus in her life and the career had to take a back burner.  I was limited in my abilities to help by the conflict and tenacious nature of her personality.  It is better when you look at what you are asking, what restrictions apply.  The best way to do this is to spend time meditating, get off the conveyer belt of production.  I know this issue speaks more to the society you are living in – but remember that if you are the one who is truly in control then this represents a macro/microcosm.  You can affect the larger body by working on the smaller body.
You also need to hear that source/god/goddess/spirit guides/deities/angels and so on never leave you.  In your darkest moments we are all invested in the outcome.  It is personal for us and we want so much for you.  You need to know that we will not come along and live for you in these moments.  Too much is at stake.  Triumphs come in those moments.  Your abilities to live ripple up into heaven (so to speak).  We receive from you what is needed, the whole purpose of incarnating in those moments.  They are hard yes, but trust that “you” chose to come and experience them because you knew what the reward would be.
The nature of being a spirit having a human experience encompasses full emotional responses.  So the anger, pain, hearth ache, fatigue, and physical reactions are all part of this plan.  Forgive yourself for feeling alone, and forsaken in the moment.  That was part of the lesson and part of the learning for the bigger picture.  Trust that in any given moment there is love, and guidance still there – guidance can be you figuring it out for yourself even when that is the hardest thing to do.
Meditate, meditate, and meditate.  Never stop looking from all sides but keep things simple in your conclusions while exploring all levels of your experience.  There are really no mistakes if you are doing the best in can in the moment.  Love never leaves you, we never leave you.”  (Aza and Ezajabah).
P.S.  while this article touches on experiences I have or am having with people in my life at this time, it is not directed at anyone person.  It is however a direct connection to my needs to have a full answer to these questions so I can offer better service clients, friends and families.  ~ Okanagan Medium

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