What is Mediumship like for the Medium?

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What is it like to be a medium?  Is it scary or a blessing?  Do mediums get to know things and have an advantage that others do not?

There is a need for a deeper understanding about how being a medium works for the medium him/herself – as opposed to how it works for others to contact a medium.

I was at Pagan Pride in Vernon on the first weekend in August this year and something interesting happened which got me thinking.  I had an elderly women ask me if what I did scared me.  I had never had anyone ask me that before so I took a moment to pause and think things through.  I told her, “we are in service to others, how can that be frightening?”
When I was young and I had my first paranormal experiences I did find them frightening.  However after finding my first teachers who reassured me with what was actually going on, I lost the fear quickly.
As an adult I know that the bottom line is that all psychic and/or mediumship abilities are in service to others.  How can something that is in service to others be frightening?  Whether you are working with a client to help them communicate with the other side, speaking for spirit to answer life’s tough questions or healing those on the other side – it is sources work and you are just the messenger.
A medium is someone who can communicate with spirit in service for others.  It rarely works for a medium to use her/his own talents for the betterment of their life.  Instead we have to work just as you do – to become a more enlightened.
Sure giving and working with others has a GREAT reward!  What I mean is that I can’t see my own future for trying.  If that were to happen my ego would take over and like that scene Fellowship of the Ring – “All would love and fear me as I would rule the world!”
We get guidance from spirit, god, goddess, the all that is – but no more often than anyone else.  Do we get to ask spirit directly if this is a good financial investment?  No.  Do we know who we are going to marry and how many children we are going to have… not likely.
It might surprise you to know that just like everyone else we struggle with becoming more and better via the same means you all do.  We work on being more enlightened, spiritual, and healthy.  However we never feel alone, or worry about what is on the other side – because our very abilities give us proof.
It is indeed “work” with meditation, seminars, classes, practice, and hard-Hard lessons.  Give me a medium and I will show you someone who has had hard knocks in life – usually in childhood.
I have to chuckle when clients mistake me for an enlightened being like those I communicate with in spirit.  Mediums are just average Joe’s – having human experiences.  If you are thinking of becoming a medium I hope you remember this blog and just what comes along with it.