Ode to the Few (otherwise titled “A kick in the Paradigm Shift”)

Don’t get me wrong, there are a multitude of amazing people in my life – friends, family, clients, teachers, and healers.   All of them are worthy of gratitude and praise just for simply being who they are.

But today’s blog is about the few.

Yes, you know who you are.  The ill-tempered, “I” centered ones who come across of our paths from time to time.  Those who have not woken up yet!  The ones who test our patience, making us stop and battle with redirecting our angry thoughts.  For me I struggle with thinking, “How dare you be soo sooo……”

 Please refrain from uttering their names while you read.

None of us are perfect, and most of us are very aware of that so do not think I am pointing the fingers at any of you.  From time to time we are slow at the uptake, and self-absorbed in our own Shakespearean dramas – know that I am not talking about you either.

I am seriously taking about that rare beast who comes into your life with a phone call or email of nastiness.  The messages that leave you saying, “Where did that come from?”  Then after the interaction you feel it on your soul like black ooze.

For that rare beast I would like to be the one who gives you a kick in the “Paradigm Shift”.  I am going to come from my Spirit Medium side but I know this will resonate with all people in service to others.

As a Medium I am not a super hero.
I have my moments of learning and growth.  I am no different than anyone else in the fact that I get colds, have hard days, go through my monthly cycle, have a dysfunctional family life in my past, feel overwhelmed at times, and yes take a vacation from time to time!  The list could go on and on.  Here is the bottom line.  “I could not do what I do as a medium and healer if I did not have the experiences which gave me the “wisdom” to help others.”  

Most Mediums are not hypocrites, and by that I mean when we say we understand – it means we have had firsthand experiences.   In fact one of the reason I trust myself to help others along is because of those rough patches in life, and the work I have done on my spiritual path to overcome them.  We are not super heroes, we are just people who have done the work to move forward on the path we are on.  When a Medium gets a question they don’t stop till there is an answer that resonates.  Simple – really and something that anyone can do for themselves.

(Puts my winter boot on to prepare for the kicking)

So when those few leave a message, or email that talks of us not being available for them, or wants something done yesterday know that you do not have my sympathy.  If one of those rare beasts happens to read this blog I want you to know the following.

It is not about you.  If you are mad at me because I did not return your call by the time you thought I should – “take a breath”.  99% of the time it is because I cannot return your call yet and NOT because you are less than.  If you emailed me and didn’t hear back – just try again.  You would not believe how many times people put the wrong email address or phone number in the Contact Me feature of my website and as a result never hear back from me.

It is not about you but remember – 

I will not return your call if you are rude to me.  I will not help you if you are demanding.  I will deleted and not respond to mean emails.

I will put up protection, and ask for divine intervention so that you can find your way into the light and learn from your mistake.  I will go out of my way to assist the next person who contacts me with all my heart.  I will make sure that the path of destruction you are on does not affect the people I care about to the best of my ability.

I will expect that others would do the same for me if I were to be in your shoes.

In 2013 with the new 5th dimensional energies I find no reason for anyone to feel entitled.  Including myself.  Let go of your judgments, do good as you do for yourself, and above all else remember that if you are experiencing distress, stress, hurt, drama in your life you are most likely going to draw others to you that are experiencing the same thing.

So to the Few – you know who you are.  Just deal!