Thinking of doing Spirit Medium work? Here are a few example of how it works for me.

Going beyond the mundane  questions like, “relationships, job, and money” people come to mediums for communication to loved ones who have crossed over.  This can be the most rewarding part of this practice while offering the greatest evidence that there is life beyond death.
It is important to remember that someone coming to you for this type of communication is vulnerable.  So you must be honest but offer them hope and faith that things are all ok.
Depending on the situation and the beliefs of the person who is dis-incarnated what you receive as information will be different.  We create personal reality here and in the beyond.  There is a general guideline however.
Generally you get strong communications from someone within the first three days of passing.  After that they can go off to what I call the learning healing center for anywhere from three months to 3 years.  Then they have a choice to make, to go on to the next step, or to remain in the in between and have contact with the earthly realm and those they love.  Some will reincarnate right away.
This general guide line can be altered by traumatic death, injustice, suicide, mental illness, beliefs or lack thereof, substance abuse, head injuries or illness like dementia.  Souls can become lost, stuck, mentally ill, dark energy, or vengeful.  However I have to say that I rarely encounter souls that need anything more than a gentle nudge.
This general guideline can be also altered by advanced or enlightened souls.  Anyone who has been prepared for the crossing and who has concrete strong convictions about their beliefs will expedite this process.
The variety of outcomes from crossing over can be as big as anything you can imagine.
Communication with the dead then becomes a matter of using your guide or helper so that you get some consistency in symbols used.  This is a good time to talk about some different scenarios and why we use our guides to be the go between in the communication to spirit.
Example one:  A women comes to talk to you about her loved one that committed suicide last month.  Now direct connection to that energy on the other side could feel chaotic, depressed, confused and angry.  An empathic medium does not need to experience that nor become connected to that sort of energy.  What your guide will do instead is use symbology to communicate this state to you.  You may see a black rose to symbolize depression in death, or feel a fuzzy sensation on the right side of your head to let you know it was suicide.  It is up to you to get enough experience doing readings to understand what the symbols mean.
In a sense you are creating your own rune, cards, or Ouija board in the ethereal plane.
Example two:  There are times when you will hear words or phrases; you will see things as if you are watching a TV show or movie.  Your guide will present things to you so that you remain detached spiritually and emotionally.  I often hear words or see a clip from a TV show, or historical event.  Recently during a group reading at a metaphysical store I kept seeing James Dean.  Turns out that was something they had talked about and his way of showing proof that it was him talking.  She asked me about ethnic back ground and I found that confusing – I wanted to say black but his skin was white to me.  I said “Native connection?”  She said no – he was black.  I said but the person I see has white skin.  She laughed and said yes he had white shin but he was from a black back ground.  That was a lesson to me.  Next time I will say, “looks like this (white, black, brown, etc) – but I hear the word (African American, Chinese, etc.)”.
Example three:  My guides will give me a heavy feeling in areas of the body I need to note.  Someone who has died from cancer often presents as a heavy feeling in my upper chest, someone who died of stroke will present as a heavy feeling on one side of my head or the other.   Traumatic death I will see as utter chaos – like a disaster movie clip.  Suicides often come as a list of possible scenarios with the word suicide missing.
Example four:  my guides are very good at privacy, and will only give me what I need to communicate to someone in order to get the point across.  So a husbands who has crossed over – and was unfaithful in life will sometime present as a man standing to with his back to the client and watch other women.  Or for example the word cheat will come on a piece of paper being handed to me.  I will rarely get the sorted details of anyone’s life.  You will find that you spend a lot of time describing what you see – without interpreting it.
Example five:  Again – for me, Grandmothers come forward as the intermediate communicators more often than any other person.  Sometimes it has to go back to Great Grandmothers – but they are usually the ones who step forward to bring someone else to the session.
Example five:  Some spirits do not follow rules.  Not that they are evil just that they can harm without knowing what they are doing.  They will be high energy, demanding, and overly expressive.  They are hard to communicate with when behaving like that.  Best to keep your distance.  Remember that you are the one in control, use your protection, and use your guide.  Last psychic fair I had one that just would not settle down.  The client was desperate to talk to him so I stuck with it.  After all that fuss and time spent it turned out he only had one thing to say.  Once that was put out there he just vanished.  Made me feel bad for the lady – but at least the spirit was restful afterwards.
Please note that you need to use extra caution when doing a reading for someone who is drunk or under the influence, or heavily medicated.  It is always ok to say no I cannot work for you today, come back at another time.
After doing this type of communication you will become known on the other side.  It will lead to an increase in your personal spirit activity.  You can always say, “Make an appointment”.  Take note of people who come to you as you may get the client shortly thereafter.

Lost souls will respond to whatever their belief system was based on.  It is not your job to do the work for them. You only need to contact your spirit guides, deities, helpers on the other side.  They do the work for you.  This keeps you detached and healthy.  At times you will need to have another psychic medium help you through a situation, as we are only human.  Just remember if you can imagine it – the scenario probably exists on the other side.  We will get into this in more detail at another time.
There are more than just five examples of this – but that is as many as we are going to talk about today