Cleaning and Clearing – Inspiration for Creativity in the winter months.

This last few weeks we experienced large Solar flares, Samhain, All Saints’ day, New Moon, Solar Eclipse, Mercury in Retro, Scorpio/ the Phoenix – and I am sure there was more.  All of us had an intense emotional period coupled with communication issues, and lessons on thought placement.  For some of us we even had a slight fever / achy flu feeling at the same time as we physically detoxed.  For others there was an intense dream time and change in sleep patterns.
What did it all add up too?  An amazing inspired time to clean and clear out before the New Year.  Now many of you, I know have had it up to here with all this junk swirling around and coming back.  I hear, “Again!  Am I still going through this”??
Biggest point is this – if you resisted or put off things (for the last ten years or so) you were supposed to have dealt with you are not able to put it off anymore.  All that stuff we did not take seriously has come back for reckoning.   Do yourself a favor this time, relax and let it happen.  It will pass quicker and easier this way.

Surrender and Allow.

Know your thoughts are reality.  Reflect – in the past we often had to pause and make sure we were not emphatically taking on others issues.  We had to determine, “is this ours or is this someone elses” stuff.  Now a days it is all about our intentions – and taking a moment to pause then take responsibilityfor what is going on in our lives.  It is time to clear house!
Know there is a lot of tricksters about right now.  The tricksters see this as an opportunity to play with our heads and will take our misguided thoughts and run with them if we are not careful.  They are not being mean, even when it might seem that way.  They are being playful and mischievous – having a good time while trying to help us learn our lessons. Coyote, Raven, Pan, and Fairies to name a few. 
For the next two weeks leading up to the full moon in Nov. it is time for all of us to do an accounting, then proceed into a massive cleaning and clearing on a physical, emotional and spiritual level.  The final phase of moving from being lower chakra based entities to upper chakra – higher vibrational beings.  I feel sorry for those of you living in high population centers because this is going to be harder for you to even comprehend let alone deal with.
One way of taking account is to realize that we are not solo beings anymore.  Unity consciousness has changed us from that to being communal.  None of us are going to get ahead of the group we are in – so please be aware of who you have around you.  Note that where you live takes part in this too.  You can influence and affect change but Unity consciousness means you are community which eventually leads up to Global community.  There is no separation, so stop blaming others and get off you high horse.  You don’t want that lesson to come back and bite you in the booty.  We are the ones we are waiting for.
Be unconditional in you compassion and humble with your actions.
When you have gotten through the cleaning and clearing out you will be in a place where you are expected to take a leap of faith, go out on a limb, and be fully authentic.

  • You are going to need time – to do all that needs to be done.  Know it is not going to take as long as you think or be as hard as you think if you just “do it’.  Yes there is going to be boring, redundant and slowed energies you have to deal with.  Once again just “do it”.  If we all just gave ourselves permission to take the time now, we would all be busy with this common goal.


  • Go through a winter spring cleaning and clearing – so that by the time we get to the Nov. full moon you have a cleared off slate to recharge in the Moonlight.  By doing this you will remove all blockages, get your energy recirculating and be all set for what will be happening around Dec. 19th/20th, where we all shift gears again increasing our abilities, and connection to source.  Explore and be aware of the beings who are here to assist you at this time.  Deities, Angels, Celestial beings and our Star Family. 


  • With all things there is prosperity – and that means everything!  However make sure you are not using 3rd dimensional labelsanymore.  Stop thinking everything revolves around money.  Stop thinking of boom or bust, black and white, day and night.  None of those dualities exist.  Think outside of the 3rd dimensional box and fully embrace the alternative pathways we have access to in the 5th dimension.  If we can believe this ideal when we manifest lessons in our lives then you have to believe that the other exist too.  5th Dimensional energies are complex, multidimensional, prosperous, quick, and within our control.  You are in control, you are creating this story as you go along – take charge.


  • Use your protection– whatever that might be.  Merkaba, angels, celestial beings, banishing, warding, prayer, meditation, items like crystals, icons, or medallions, salt, spells, rituals and so on.  With the energies you won’t have to work hard to get you the protection you need – but you need to put in the physical work.  You cannot just will things into being.  Because we are all so karmically connected with unity consciousness this also means we are jointly carrying the burdens of protection.  If those around you are struggling you must take responsibility on your part.  We are all in transition still, and change is happening in real time. 


  • Declarations and Invocations– make sure to do your declarations and invocations as you go through this process!  Keep it playful, keep it from the heart, and full of love.  You have unlimited untapped potential today!


  • Watch out for contradictions– it will mean you need to take some time to disconnect, shut down to take a break so you can come again from a fresh angle.


I know that all of this sounds heavy but I really wanted to acknowledge everyone’s experiences while letting you know that there is a positive purpose for all that is happening. Have fun with the next two weeks.  Be emotionally present, one step at a time. 
All of this is really happening!  Give yourself a pat on the back!  You are creating right now – create what you need!

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