Cleaning and Clearing continued…

I just finished doing my dishes this morning and I look at my clock on the oven and it reads 11:11.  At the same time I am getting more downloads so I take this as a sign to write things down.  I have a list of things to get done today that are now postponed till I finish this latest blog.
I want to start this by saying without a doubt my knowing is that the Ascension process / gateways – whatever you want to label it “is over with”.  We have moved beyond and above all that as of Oct 28th 2012.  All the things you are going through at this time are happening in the post ascension 5th dimensional energies and therefore very different than prior.  Even the events or happenings that seem similar or related to ascension symptoms are just you being misled into antiquated thinking.

There is a new paradigm – a new program we have all been equipped with.  Allow yourself to let go of the old and use that new program.  It may be hard, because all of us suffered trauma in some way during the ascension process, but I trust there is a part of you that hears what I am saying and knows this to be true.  We were all dislodged and taken out of our comfort zone. Imprints of that trauma will rise to the surface if you let them.  Now however is the time to go back to trust, a sense of knowingness and kindness towards yourself.
You want things in your life to end or change?  Do it.  You want to add more of something into your life?  Just do it.  Everyone let go of that drama and know you can.  Everywhere I look I see signs of the few who are holding themselves back in fear because of the past.  Let go of the story, let go of the history, and just be in the now.
If you are still not finished the work you started in the ascension process – that doesn’t matter.  Pick up where you left off and just finish it.  You have no idea just how big of a vacuum there is right now drawing you in the right direction, encouraging you to dance.  Take one thing at a time, let go of concerns for the future.  (The key being “concerns”).
This weekend the full moon was really powerful.  Filling us all up with her energies for the next two weeks.  I felt it as a complete circadian rhythm synchronization.  It was like being launched into a new pattern for the winter months.  However different from the past I didn’t feel that sluggish down swing.  To my surprise it was an uplifted “carry me” feeling.  Like a giant hand from spirit has my back.   We don’t have to be attached to the story of winter, we can be the observer of it.
As above so below – at this time means we don’t need to be attached to the story of Mother Earth in her rhythm of winter she is in right now.  By being the observer we can reach forward to the energy of spring – feel the support of it – and allow that energy to guide us in the now.
So when you feel the oppression of all the negative things going on, the threat to our oceans, the upheaval in our political systems, and the lack of control just remember that the repair or correction is already in place.  We just have to believe.
Our belief will bring in what is meant to happen.  Sing your soul song of that belief.  Sleep with it, nurture it, and let it take root in your garden now to blossom in the Mother Earths spring.  The true tragedy would be if you allowed the negative to convince you that you didn’t matter.  That you didn’t have a choice.  
No one group at this time will outweigh the needs of the bigger picture.

Right now understand that we all are in the realm of “Know and be known”.  Our desires to be heard are spoken, and the desires to attain knowledge are spoken.  This simple expression is resonating out from our planet into the deep reaches of the Universe.  The Universe has responded back with a like frequency.  Our beseeching has been answered with a like reply.  The Universe says, “Know and be known” back at us.  This magic shows us the connection is real and we can create what is needed for our own survival.
Sit with this knowledge from now till around the 19thto 21st of this month.  Express it, take a chance and trust it.  Fall into the new circadian rhythm and ride the wave.