Can compounded stress be considered a disease?

If we consider disease is defined as:  a disordered or incorrectly functioning organ, part, structure, or system of the body resulting from the effect of genetic or developmental errors, infection, poisons, nutritional deficiency or imbalance, toxicity, or unfavorable environmental factors; illness; sickness; ailment.   What does that tell us about prolonged and compounded stress that we have all been suffering from over the last 10 – 20 plus years?
During a reading recently the spirit I was in communication with brought this idea to my attention.  The spirit said that the condition it died from was secondary or a result of the prolonged and compounded stress suffered in its life on earth.  That from the new perspective on the other side “Stress” can be considered a disease.  I wanted to pose this question to my readers and encourage all feedback.
The idea is that “Stress” is a disease of the

emotional, intellectual, and spiritual bodies.  An invasion of or an intrusion into the energy field of that said person.  Resulting in developmental errors, imbalance, and illness.  With today’s society of emf’s, pollutants, hormone in our food and environment, corruption in our political systems and global economic manipulations all leading to compounded stress from unrealistic expectations on us emotionally, intellectually and spiritual then is it such a reach to see this type of stress as a disease.  A disease that is affecting the planet as well as its occupants?

Looking at stress this way has a completely different outcome then doesn’t it?
We can see what this type of stress does to a cage wild animal, or to someone who has challenges intellectually easily enough.  We can see how this type of stress damages structures like bridges, or large earth environments like the amazon rain forest or the ozone layer.  What if we as a human race are also infected by this as a disease?  Some of us have weaker immunity to this than others.  Look at those who snap – Columbine and all such shootings.  The increase in suicides and mental disorders.  The increase in children with attention disorders and lacking socialization.  Just consider us being more connected than we realize, responding as a whole to a condition, a disease that is affecting humanity.
If you can see stress in this way, then it would be treated in an entirely different manner.  Counter measures that would have a great effect would be put into place.  Employers would treat their employees differently.  People would treat each other differently, and would view corporations differently.  We could treat it as in infection, intrusion, imbalance

to be correct with Nature.  Honor would become an idea that put a smile on your face, add a lift to your step bringing in unity and grace.

I will leave you with this thought as you begin your 2014th year in this time frame, what if Stress is a disease?  What if we are all suffering from it, what if we can contain and disrupt the spread of this disease by simply honoring ourselves and taking time each day to consider and correct things that feed into the disease?  What if all of us could take a 12 step program designed to counter its progression?
What if?

2 thoughts on “Can compounded stress be considered a disease?

  1. Tyhson

    Yes what if we let go instead of hanging on to what we think we should be or do and just showed up with no exceptions so we can be guided? Sound good but I am still working on implementing this one in my daily life.