Kaleden Rescue Project, Part 1 of 3

It is a dark, damp and rainy day here today.  Not even the cats want outside.  Although that also makes it a great day for writing about the paranormal and supernatural!  I am finally getting the go ahead and aproval from my guides to do this blog series – man has it taken 10 times longer than I thought.  However each time I went to start and was prevented there was a really good reason.

I have had some really profound experiences in the last year in my Rescue Mediumship.  This is going to be a Part One for a very important event I was grateful to have a part in.  My job as a Rescue Medium, Healer and Spirit Medium is always one of being the conduit.  I am the witness and the earth based communicator for what spirit does, and for the living who need to have deeper understanding in their experiences.
Having had this humbling role for most of this life, I indeed have a different view of the bigger picture.  I do not believe in Karmic debts, I have no fear of dying or being alone either.  When I connect in and communicate with the Beings, Spirit Guides, Mother Earth, and our Star Family what most often happens is a deep feeling of what unconditional love is AND the drama leaves my field of reference.  It gives me the grounding into discernment, being the observer and grace.  I know without a doubt that there is no wrong and right.  There is just beliefs, and our individual experiences.
When we communicate with spirit and energy in all its forms healing takes place on all levels.  It is multidimensional and radiant.  We are tied into each other and all that is simply because we all come – it all comes from – a unified source.  This does not mean we need to be limited in our thinking.  It is actually the opposite.  If we all knew just how important and glorious we are in all our aspects, dark / light and in between – up / down and all about – we would be set free.
Every soul when it crosses over finds on the other side exactly what their beliefs tell them is there because that experience (the experience of dieing) is also created by the individual themselves.  There is no wrong and right in spirit or with the soul, and this blog series is about that expanded way of thinking.  It is a tale of a group of people, a location, and our journey to healing and how it rippled out to create change.
I want to say thank you first to Claudia and her gracious way of being.  I also want to give credit to all who came with us that day!  Selena, Tammy, Patricia, Colleen, Grandmother Grizzly, Manny Twofeathers, all of our guides, the healing angels, Adam Kadman form, the divine masculine and feminine essence and our star celestial family.
It has taken me months to compile this information, and I hope that it adds to your life, assists in you finding the answers for yourself that are right for you!  Above all to give you inspiration that nothing is ever wasted and that the grand plan is really one of us being the orchestrator of our lives.  Individuality is not divisive – it is encompassing when you understand we all come from one source.  That source/universe is Love – not the love filled with drama and emotions.  It is the love of that deep sigh, the love of the sun on your face, the love of gazing up at the stars at night.  Everyone and Everything gets a second chance!
Kaleden BC

To begin at the beginning
In the beginning March 2014 at a Lee Carroll / Kyron gathering in Lake Country BC some of the information presented ended up coinciding with a Rescue from 2013.  I (we) learned that the area we were in is called a Node.  But I am ahead of myself…
On November 10th 2013 a few colleges and I took part in a journey to Kaleden BC and embarked on an amazing adventure with the paranormal.  This blog is about that journey we had that day and the lasting effect it had on all of us.  Our onsite was visit was to take close to 5 hours but the conclusion was only felt 3 months later.
To begin at the beginning I was introduced to Claudia through a referral from a friend Deb Warren.  Deb does the CE-5 ET contact nights and is the Okanagan CSETI contact.  She met Claudia at an ET contact presentation and meditation at Wise Women in the fall of 2013.
Claudia contacted me to say she was experiencing some ill health in her home, head aches mostly.  But that there was an unrest and negativity about her property she wish to address.  For those of you who do not know Claudia let me say that she is an amazingly gifted and spiritual women.  So when she divulged that she tried everything she knew of to correct the problems I understood what that meant.
As I not only work as a rescue medium and paranormal consultant but as a teacher too I was able to ask some former students of mine if they wished to accompany me on my visit to Claudia that day.  Selena, Pat, Tammy, and Colleen were able to join me.  In this blog, I am going to tell the story with written word, pictures, videos, Mp3’s and your ability to connect into the event because on some level all of you did.  That is a little different style than I am used to but as you will see it is necessary.  Shall we say the day was “large” with experiences?
Those of us who traveled (Colleen, myself, Tammy and Selena) met up at Pat’s in Kelowna so we could all transfer into one vehicle.  Pat drove us from there down to Kaleden.  During that part of the journey we discussed our impressions.   Prior to all of my on-site visits I sit and meditate.  I remote view where I am going, ask for what to bring and occasionally get messages I am meant to deliver.  This time around was no different except I was asked to read a quote from a book.  The quote is from “The Keys of Enoch” and talks of original man – Adam Kadmon.  This turned out to be fundamental in the coming hours.
Here is the quote from Key 3-1-4 pages 486 and 487: 
59Through a projection of Light coming from the recorder cell (Or Merkabah activity), selected individuals can be reconnected with the Adam Kadmon image through a resonance operating through hyper – dimensional space.
60  And, at this time, those individuals who have not had the divine image can be opened to receive the image of Adam Kadmon.
61  Some individuals receive an additional high frequency resonance transmission operating in parallel phase with their normal resonance bonding.  This additional high frequency resonance operates as a subcarrier (through these individual biotransducers) to modulate paranormal energies
62  This explains how paranormal gifts can be received through the resonance of hyperdimensional space which, in turn, can change the molecular arrangement of material in conventional space.
63  By adjusting the conventional resonance patterns there can be a molecular infall, or biolocation; and through hyperconjugation (no-bond resonance) the release of tremendous energy results in the changing of molecular structure (e.g. melting of structure, discorporation and reincorporation of form, etc.)
64  Here also a human can adjust the functions of the biochemical resonance within the body to generate a series of pyramidal pulses which can unite with other mental wavelengths.
64  Moreover, as this high frequency resonance becomes aligned with the biotransducer system of the body, the seven chakras can be completely transfigured into divine image.”
It will become clearer as we go on why this quote was so important and the role Adam Kadmon was to play.
While in transit we talked about our initial impressions and we were able to find various similarities.  The biggest one was the idea of being in the ground via a cave or opening into the hill side.  Although at the time we had no idea what this was actually going to look like it was very strong that we needed to find it.
Another similarity was a recognition of what we called “Grandmother Grizzly” I saw her as a First nations elder/crone in spirit who shape shifted into a Spirit Bear.  She was actually with us on top of the vehicle on our way down to Claudia’s house.

Some but not all of us were able to pick up on a darker male energy that was in need of healing.  His darkness was at times hard to deal with but the idea of making a difference by doing the healing was a driving force to continue.
We were all seeing images or getting impressions of sexual abuse and murder.  Also that the spot at one time had been sacred and was then corrupted by the violence which had occurred.  It was clear we were seeing events that had taken place over many years and far into the past.
It was apparent to all of us, and voice very eloquently through Selena how wide spread this healing was going to be.  We felt an awe, an excitement that we would be invoking change that would influence the global division of masculine and feminine.
Pod cast from March 2014 part one on the drive to the location
So provided in this part of the blog and on into its other parts is a synopsis of what took place over 5 hours including the time we took to eat an amazing lunch Claudia had prepared for us.  I need to add in Claudia was open, educated and very skilled.  Without her the success we achieved would not have been possible.  In part 3 of 3 I am going to list her emails to me which chronicle the continued works she did.
Upon arrive we were welcomed into Claudia’s living room area to brief each other.  Claudia told us in her words what she was hoping to accomplish that day and I started out by telling her what we picked up on.

When we mentioned the idea of needing to go into cave like area in the hillside Claudia knew exactly where we needed to go.  Although I do this work often I am still surprised and delighted when there is a hit on information received from spirit when that said information “is way out there”!
I also need to mention at this point that we had a “banshee” present almost from the beginning of the debriefing.  Although we attempted to record its song it only showed up when using head phones. We heard it while in the house but it was obviously outside.  However you could not hear it outside!

Recording of part of the onsite interview.  
If you listen to the video with headphones you will hear the Banshee/Siren.

Selena played a big role in being able to voice what we were experiencing at this location, spiritually, visually and intellectually.  You will hear about that on the Mp3’s.  Her grasp of the Axiatonalgrid energy patterns, the duality of masculine and feminine, and the expression of the understanding of this complexity came into play throughout the entire day.  Later on I will include the audio recording of her closing ceremony too so you can see what we were able to do.

We set up an altar, used a Tibetan bell and rattles, prayer and started by establishing some foundation in the house to the work that needed to be done.  Recording as much as we could digitally.  Once the foundation was done the next step was to set up a crystal grid on the property and to visit the area underground.
This concludes part one of three

General time line for part one
Present Day:
·         Claudia contacted Lois in October 2013
·         Met in Kelowna to drive down in Pat’s vehicle on Nov. 10th
·         Preparation and insights in vehicle on the way
·         Onsite interview, partially recorded, Banshee (was in trans dimensional space)
·         Great lunch before we started the physical and spiritual part of the Rescue
·         ET’s were in both past and present
·         Podcast was on March 12 2014
Time references in the past:
·         Grandmother Grizzly appeared to us in spirit form, although she was as shape shift / shaman in the past
·         The Native Male we had contact with was in spirit and his life was in the same time period as Grandmother Grizzly.
·         Spirit animals that Tammy was picking up on were from this same time period
·         Demi-god being in pure spirit form was in both past and present, however he was firmly attached to the Native male and the events in his life.  So in that sense many references were in past.