Labador – Newfoundland! The Adventrure begins this fall.

I made a promise to Robert when he started this job with Valard construction.  The promise was anything east of Sask for longer than 6 months meant we would relocate.  Traveling back and forth across the country does not work for either of us.
Roberts work crew is off to Labrador at the end of September..  It looks to be a lot longer than 6 months so we are moving to the Avalon Peninsula – St. Johns area of Newfoundland this month.
I know this is short notice for a lot of you.  It was short notice for us also.

With this comes an opportunity for me to finally write that book I have been compiling all these years, and to get to see some places I have on my bucket list.  Iceland, Ireland, England (Stansted – Aurthur Findley college), Scotland, France (chasing the family genes) and Lily Dale New York.  I will be blogging and keeping all my Okanagan websites/Facebook/corporations/groups going while away.  You will see me change to Okanagan Medium East Coast for a little while.  I am loving it to be an adventure.
I am leaving behind my Universal Light Servers group and all my associates to carry on with readings, rescue mediumship and events.  So no worries if you contact me you will find I have many someones to refer you too.
I am going to miss everyone!  I am going to miss the amazing place in Mara I have lived for that last 2 1/2 years (I don’t really want to leave it if truth be told) and I am going to be back after this project has concluded for Robert unless the Universe has other plans for me.
Now if you are someone who said they would like to visit Newfoundland some day please know we are looking for a place that will have a guest bedroom for friends to come and stay in.  Everyone is welcome to travel out east for a visit.
I figure sometime in Mid to late October you will see me get back into things after we have found a place, gotten our stuff set up and so on.
You can still get a hold of my at the same cell phone number, email and Facebook sites.  I can do readings and such again via Skype for anyone who is in need once I am settled in.
Love and Light to everyone.  See you in maybe two years?  Lois