Cycles. March 6th 2016

This Universe and not just the inhabitants of Earth function with cycles.  Whether it be the frequency of a Star or the changing of the seasons cycles exist because of the information they offer you.
The ancient wisdom of your planet passed along this valued information to acknowledge and celebrate the cycles of life. Yes there is a change in these cycles so that you will feel they are coming at a different moment and intensity that you are used too.  Understand that this is not an upsetting or worrisome thing.  It is as it is.  Currently we are coming to a loll or a winding down in a cycle.  Just before the awakening of your spring, there is some peace and gathering of energy prior to putting down roots and beginning again …
However this loll is also part of a larger cycle.  As exists there is a circle within a circle and so on.  The larger cycle here is one of the planets evolution and this area of the Galaxy you are in.  If you were to tune into this mentioned larger cycle (as you are all capable of) you would notice there is a softness to it.  Like that energy of a Mother comforting her child before the big game, or of a daughter coming to her Mother in her last days to connect and forgive.
If you have sadness or grief that needs to come to the surface for release, do not block it.  If you let it go of its own free will it will pass quicker than if you struggle against the feeling using judgements of duality thinking.
This is a good time for everyone to contemplate but to not make any big decisions or changes.  Coast through the next (just under) 2 weeks.  If some of you encounter chaos, please step back to that of the observer role.  Allow it to just be, as it is without judgement, outside of and not a part of your energy.  It is just a test.  You can rise above it by doing this.
This is a time to have trust, knowing that you are exactly where you are meant to be.  Allow yourself to feel that deep in your heart mind to the point where you can have a journey inward.  Travel into that heart mind trust.  All of you even if it is despite yourself are evolving as a collective.  Some are at the lower end of the curve, some at the higher, but this is not a race or a competition.  You are more connected than you realize so that these are mutual experiences.
Note that your spirit guides and angels are on this adventure with you.  They sense and experience your being in all its glory.  Right now they are close in and personal.  Enjoy that stability and comfort the energy from the Astral, and celestial bring.
Take some time to write, even if you it is not something you usually practice.  The notes you can articulate during this time will be of immense value in the months that follow this loll.

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