First message from Eant. March 4th 2016

This message is a compilation of a longer conversation I have been having with a being who calls himself Eant. He first appeared about 17 days ago. It is not channeled like my prior ones. Eant is from a civilization on the outer edge of this Galaxy. He presents like a representative. Not an ambassador but more like a scholar who has been educated in what is going on, on our planet at this time.

The following is what he was telling me about. This morning, while writing this I was in contact with him to fill in the gaps.

At times he was telling me things using his own language, it came in symbols and the symbols had sounds of creation with them. His name is pronounced as “ent” and also has the same creative power behind it when spoken. The material he was discussing with me is nothing new however it seems to need repeating. I needed to hear it again myself.

He is in contact with many people not just me and I by posting this I am hoping that you might recognize him.


In our world we have a form of what you call government that spans several systems.  The basis of this – we would call it council.  Each member of the council is appointed because of his or her particular achievements in knowledge.  So you can see from that there is a big number of people who are in council.  The more you are able to learn about a particular topic the more you rise up in council and are given the ability to make choices for the systems.
It is a gentle progression that takes place over hundreds of your earth years.  We do not reincarnate as we are not in the physical.  (I saw Eant as a male form who was made of light, blue, grey and purple tones and a gold core – that changed and responded as we talked.)
My area of council is the study of planets like your own.  I specialize in the workings on an energy level.  As some of you might call me a religious scholar I would say that I am a naturalist.  (This was quite humorous to Eant.  In fact he was very interested in laughing most of the time.)  In truth you don’t have the language yet to explain what it is that I practice and learn about.  (in my thoughts he did compare himself to David Suzuki, Wayne Dyer, and Albert Einstein)
I came to your planet at this time (he is not calling it Earth it is more like a number symbol), so that I could be witness to the process as it happens for the next three years.  2016 is a pivotal year for the planets accelerated shift.  I am sure you are all tired of hearing that word but that is the closest to what I can explain is happening.  From my perspective I get to witness you in your full multidimensional glory that is outside of time.  What you are not aware of – to protect your physical bodies – is this is happening on a multidimensional facets and your historical references will be irreversibly changed.
Why do you think Göbekli Tepe appeared suddenly?

That is why you are going through this clearing of lives, and energy.  For me it is akin to the birth of an Energy being, and evolution in transcendences.   This is the only opportunity in my life time to witness this.
(I was appreciative of this detail however I needed to find common ground in our conversation to understand why he was talking to me.)
I was waiting for the direction to set. Now that it has and you as a planet have crossed over to the new paradigm my interest was piqued.  (I asked questions at this point)
What do you need to know and do?  Well (he laughed again) for one thing everyone needs to stop and smell the roses for a while.  Everything you need in order to move forward is already in place.  If you were to stop and take pause then you would realize that.  Did you know there is actually a bacteria that has come from deep in the Galaxy that has come here just to eat the fear you are all excreting?  Let go of that fear (smile) it is only hurting you.  This bacteria is getting fat with it from you all.
There will continue to be a consolidation of souls for many years to come.  AS the reincarnational cycles are also transcending.  This is a birth of energy beings too.  Can you understand what I am trying to say?  (I was seeing actual spiritual eggs accumulating in space filling up with spirits from the people who are crossing over on the Earth.  The image was so overwhelming I started to cry.)  
Part of what I study is the fragmentation that happens to energy and how evolution happens when it rebounds back to source.  So your planet is my doctorate degree in my studies.  (Once again laughing)
On a grass roots level all the information you are hearing, about health and wellbeing is spot on.  All this awakening is exponential.
Yes, all creative processes are chaotic.  So with great change come great change.  Things are going to get messy, but in that mess is great spiritual beauty.  Ecstatic energy is permeating your world, and all life on it.  (It was clear that the whole reincarnational process was appealing to Eant).
Oh yes I am one of many visitors here.  It is really one big gathering above you and hidden on the surface of the planet.  A whole group of beings from the Sirius system who were on the surface and hiding in the oceans recently had to move to interior lakes.  The rising temperatures and shifting tectonics had started to pose a threat.  Some of you saw this happening.  Your government did – but it of course was kept hidden.
(And the answer to my final question was: )
That comes back to the dealing with fear.  It is simple.  Just recognize it is happening and the change will take care of itself.  When you are talking to others help talk them through this.  That the anxiety is really from genetic trauma, spiritual trauma and the division of self into gender.  Remember that this history is actually writing itself in real time.  You are going to shift so completely that they very idea of fear is going to be released.
Emotionally you are ALL going to change.
For those of you who are (ongoing) struggling with this, you are part of that group that who is reuniting in soul for birth into transcendence.  Remember this is going to take place slowly over many years.  So be kind to yourselves.  Trust.  You are where you are meant to be in the moment.
(I have not posted all the information he gave me.  Like I have told some people I want to keep myself safe.  I want to make sure that I don’t incur any reverberations from lowered and slowed thought processes that still exist at this time.  And don’t forget that I am writing a book.  Complete disclosure is going into that.)

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