I know that you need to “hear” this. February 27th 2016

I know that you need to “hear” this (smiles) several times for it to resonate with you, “Sound changes everything.”

Whether it is saying your intentions or wishes out loud, or singing yourself to a better place emotionally I want to encourage all of you to use sound.  Frequency, vibration and resonance play a part in manifestation and healing.  It will change intensity, density, and duration. 

Think of it this way, do you remember the sound of your mother’s voice comforting you are a child?  Do you remember the impact it had on you when you were verbally disciplined as a child?  How about the intervention of a kind stranger who came right at the perfect moment and offered words that changed your day?

Often we understand that subtle work that sound does for us – but let’s take it even further.  How many philosophies or modalities do you know of that use sound as a tool?  I am sure you can think of many.

Chant, sing, talk, recite, pray, invoke, laugh, cry out loud, and use bells, music, chimes, and instruments in your day to day life.  Test what sound can do for you!

Arch Angel Gabriel