January 3rd 2016 – message from Bijou. This message got missed when I started to post these. It is actually the first message in this series.

To my surprise when I reached out to my guides this week none of them stepped forward. It was Bijou who came instead. Appropriately because the CE-5 contact night was on January 2nd. A little back ground. Bijou is an-other worldly being who was captured on film at Joshua Tree by CSETI in 2009. He would appear to me from time to time during the CE-5 nights I attended with Deb Warren in the Okanagan area.

The picture included is the unedited version of that photo.

Bijou: The news to share with you this week is that of remembering. I want to let you know that all of you who are reading this will have had an experience in this life or a previous one where contact was made. These memories laid buried and will now be awakened. This was your design, and not something that was forced upon you.

The time has come for humanity to remember that you are not alone it the Universe. That contact is not limited to the elite few. Equality is a given. Memories will be refreshed during dreams, and waking life. Something akin to dejavu will happen. Images, thoughts, emotions will be brought to the surface.

Once again the intent of this experience in 2016 is to connect the habitants of Earth at this time to the Universal body of knowledge and resources. The connection will bring innovation. Some of you have already had these experiences happen in 2015 as time is not really a fixed point.

Trust the memories as they come. Know that it will be a way of combating any psychic manipulation happening at this time. You will feel empowered by the experience, not drained. Lois has spoken of the communion in the past and this is a form of joint communion.

In closing I am supposed to let you know that next Sunday is going to be about new methods of psychic protect. Thank you.