Mercury in Retrograde. May 1 2016

Yes, a grand idea – let’s do a channeled message when five planets are in retrograde! I can do this without coming across as a blubbering fool… even though my hormonal cycle is being activated by it all. (insert bulging crazy eyes).

I think this is a little from everyone I have been in contact with since I started the weekly messages, except Bijou. I am sure that had to happen because my connection is intermittent and erratic at this time. (Well Duh! Haha)


A few months ago there was a calm period, one in which you all got to pause and catch your breath. From our perspective that is just yesterday and what is going on today is directly connected. A shifting and shuffling of relationships, old stories, forgotten events and other people’s influences are all coming up to the forefront of your mind to be revisited and released on mass.

The energies are feeling very flat to most of you. Like someone has turned off the tap. Many of you are cocooning, for example deciding at the last minute that you don’t want to be around anyone else right now and not showing up as planned.

All of this is part of the transition continuing through the forth dimensional energies. As you go on the cleansing will continue to get deeper, darker and more intense until everything is removed. Fortunately this will happen in bits and pieces so that it will be as comfortable as possible to go through. It would be harmful to enter into the fifth dimension with any of this baggage so you will not be allowed to. This release is a preparation and more like what would happen as you went through your spiritual life review after death. This explains the out of control emotional reaction, because in spirit emotions are not as definitive / tactile.

The experience you are having will differ depending on where you live. Closer to the equator right now is easier. Farther North or South is more intense in different ways. South is more about community. North is more about individual relationships.

Yes the planets in retrograde are also a part of this. You created that conjunction so that you could connect to the Universal source. Lois’s dreams over the last week have been a part of her expression of this. For her the communication is effected but not disconnected. So a different frequency was used. However it is not just her. If you are ready to explore your own psyches you will realize just how you expressed your own involvement.

Sharing with others right now is not going to help. You are too separated, and individual. Just wait it out and talk later.

Do not make any big decisions at this time. Self-explanatory!

You can however turn to practitioners who work with releasing trauma on a spiritual level, and also make sure to do energy cleansing in your bodies. This is the first time that the 5 new chakras are involved and looking for re-balancing. If you can do Kundalini exercises – try and see just what happens now?! Some of the new DNA sequences are going to be activated as a result of this transition.

Lots of grief and fear. Lots of empathic abilities are out of control. Pay attention and rely on the routines and rituals you have in place for coping. It could feel like you are turning into a werewolf with the influence of the full moon. That is not going to happen, just breath.

Routines and rituals should include isolating from people who are a lower slowed influence on you. Watch what you eat and how much, allow yourself to eat the foods you are craving. What the colors you are wearing? Spend time near the water as much as you can, rivers, lakes and oceans. The best would be a waterfall on a large body of water. The ions right now would be calming and cleansing. Salt baths, hot springs, and drink lots of clean water.

If you feel like getting away from it all – do so. It doesn’t have to be for a long time in order to feel good.

Acknowledgement of what is going on by reading this message is going to help you find your way. There is no time frame, some will be able to journey and get past this quickly. Others will take longer. No right or wrong because it is personal. No competition.
As a final note please be careful with your thoughts. It is really easy to dump your stuff on to other people at this time and really easy to be dumped on. You don’t need to short cut or avoid this work. Nor do you need to add anything else onto your work load.

Truth is personal and has nothing to do with facts – trust your intuition. If you think you are doing this or having it done to you trust that is what is going on. Take steps to correct your behavior or to release what is being put onto you.

~Collective participation of Aza, Ezajabah, Ezekiel, Eant, and Archangel Jophiel.