More than ever you need to acknowledge that healing and spiritual protection are one in the same January 10th 2016

More than ever you need to acknowledge that healing and spiritual protection are one in the same.  So for this channeled message we are going to talk about what is needed to be done personally by each of you this year.

I am not talking about conspiracy here, please know that from our perception things happen, things unfold like they are meant to be.  One moment at a time.  You came into this life on this planet in order to experience all of it, good and bad if you need a duality reference, for the benefit of source energy.  Growth and progression happening slowly, steadily, multi-dimensionally and outside of time (really). Nothing is wasted and reincarnation is still needed for this experience to unfold (for now).
What is the lesson of this year?  Awakening to the fact that you are indeed a participant in this play, not just an observer. You matter.
Due to what I am going to call Post Ascension age or P.A. everyone is in need of healing, adjusting and spiritual protection not necessarily in that order.  Due to Pre-Ascension energy thought still being present in the new dynamics, the planet is suffering.  I want to talk about simple steps you can take to reach beyond this energy and fully embrace who you are now.
Everyone (and Lois says despite yourself) has evolved.  Whether you were a so called Guru in the minds of others or someone who didn’t practice any form of enlightenment.  Sorry to burst some bubbles here – but what you put into it beforehand didn’t really matter on a DNA level nor an auric field level.  The changes just are.  Present.  The planet made that happen, its involvement launched all of its inhabitants into the new age – or they left to go elsewhere.
Lots did indeed leave to go elsewhere.  You are still here.  You matter.
The work, your work is just beginning.  You matter because you are part of the whole.  Until you all get that, the suffering will persist.  But take heart, doing your work makes all the difference.  Unity field, collective consciousness and progression away from duality are strange concepts to all of you.  Just like moving from the 3rd dimension through the forth and into the five were completely strange concepts, needing new terms and new descriptions. So to get to the root of the matter – let’s look at why you all need spiritual protection now so you can progress with the healing needed.
Let’s make a parable.  Let’s use modern day technology for this.  You are a computer.  You have two main parts – the hardware and the software.  Advancements have just taken place and everyone was given free hardware!  Now what you need to do is install the new software and learn how to use it.  Until that happens all sorts of confusion takes place.  The confusion looks like evil, but in fact it is just old software trying to live in the new hardware.  Can you picture this?
Our bodies, or in our example our computers, need the new life styles or new software in order to function.  Above you, the reason for all of this is a new energy source.  A better one, a higher and faster one.  If you don’t plug into that new source, the old one feels like a letdown, leaves you sluggish, and sick.
Do you understand what I am trying to say here?  Every time you feel out of sorts, anxious, afraid, sick, tired, too hungry, too cold, or the opposite – the list could go on, it is due to resisting evolution.  When you see things happening in the world, in your back yard or in another country, stop and breathe.  Remember you are a part of that.  Embrace the need to evolve and change yourself in order to assist those who are struggling with change.
Now the nitty gritty.  Everyone reading this needs to do some energy basics now.  Yes I said now.  Change the energy in your homes, detach from all that is effecting you and let that computer reboot.  I am not going to tell you how to do this as you are all quite educated.  Think of all the courses and preparation you have done over the last 15 plus years.  You can handle this.  It may make you cry, you may need to cleanse frequently in order to make it stick.  None the less Do it NOW.
Once that energy in your space, your home is reset and replenished with 5th dimensional light then you can move onto healing your body.  This is the part where things can get tricky and please take Lois’ precautions seriously.  As spirit guides we trust you know what you are doing and know how to manage spiritual guidance.  All of this in complimentary and you will have to do it with guidance from a doctor or alternative health practitioner.
Because all of your chakras and energy centers are redefined, increased – not to mention that there are more of them, anything to do with your physical body needs to be healed.  Figure out what foods you need to eat to do this.  All of your organs, need to be cleansed and healed.  Find out what medicine you can use to have this happen.  You cannot just do it on an energy level.  You must not miss this step.  That old software must be removed and the new one installed and given a chance to run.  Stop complaining about GMO’s.  That is the old software and people running old software.  I am here to tell you that GMO’s don’t exist because you are not going to eat them anymore.  Right?

Every morning talk to your body, ask it what it needs to flourish.  Let go of addictions – you will be surprised how easy that is going to be.  The energy is now supporting it.  Allow it to happen.

Most of all laugh, be kind to yourself, use joy in everything you do.  There should not be thoughts of fear, failure, or guilt.  Not anymore.
Set up protection around yourself not by sending out daggers of repulsion to what you think might harm you.  Instead align with that which you need to progress into the future.  Your work has just begun, the new age will go beyond all that you have imagined.  All is going to happen faster than you could dream of if you just let it.
Let go of that old, release it even when it seems scary to do so.  Refill yourself with the new age, new energy, and new paradigm.