Other lives, polarities and continued cleansing of the astral clutter. March 26th 2016

At the start of 2016 my guides adopted this different way of delivering the channeled messages.  It is nonlinear, and can happen all at once or over the course of several days.  I enter into an altered state and the best way to describe it is this: 
Once in that altered state they move my consciousness inside the message.  Where I enter is not in the beginning.  It is in the middle or part way in and from there I travel unraveling the message at my own pace.  They are with me during this process and able to add in any pieces that are missing.  I don’t always recall everything I am typing during this time and find a lot of surprises as I am reading back to myself.  
The other thing that happens is that I need to reassemble the message so that it ends up being in a linear delivery.
Such was the case again this morning with this message from Aza.  It was after the delivery that I understood he was carrying on with Ezekiel’s previous message.
Other lives, polarities and continued cleansing of the astral clutter.
I have worked with Lois for all of her life and the two of us are most comfortable in this process.  I don’t have to change my energy much for it to happen and she does not have to alter her state as deeply.  We are of the same soul family and that also makes a difference.  She refers to me as a spirit guide but I am not – I am a consciousness that has a conjoined purpose with hers and vice versa.  From your point of view we have Extra-terrestrial ties.
I felt it was important to illustrate this difference because Ezekiel had started his message in the same manner and I wanted to show consistency.  Who he is and who I am, are very different.  Many of you reading this are learning about channeled messages for the first time and hearing the content of our messages for the first time.  I honor that journey with you.  You are why we (all of us including Lois) do this.
As Lois is going through this process of channeling these messages it is important to note there is a multidimensional aspect to them and to your involvement in reading them. 
One of her methods of understanding and clearing her 4th dimensional closeted skeletons, is to channel us.  She gets to experience what we are talking about in her process of traveling through the 4thdimension.  You may not be fully conscious of this but your process is the same.  You are reading about it, and gaining a knowing.  Then that knowing applies to your own experiences.
You are multidimensional beings, unfolding to yourselves everyday as you move from 3D to 5D.
Lois’ explanation at the beginning of this message is also another facet of the whole process, the bigger picture.  She won’t know this till reading it back but that is exactly how the 4D works… that is why the messages are being delivered to her like that at this time.
She often says spirit is efficient and yes it is so.
Ezekiel only touched on the significance of other lives and polarities and I am adding to that today.  Please understand that when I speak of other lives I am referring to what some of you call past lives.  With time being a construct of the 3D I realize this is how many of you still see it.  However know that linear time does not exist for the soul.  Reincarnation is nonlinear.  Therefore you are having multiple experiences in the now (if you need a reference point).  What is actually occurring is space-dimensions expand, and god conscious is vast enough to hold that expansion.  Hierarchy exists but it is not only in one direction.  So the influences run in all directions at once.
You can pause here and sit with that if you need too.  Maybe picture a sphere that is infinitely expanding both outwardly and inwardly at the same time.  That is the best visual I can offer for the reality of how your soul experience plays out.  That is the space I and all energy exist in – the difference is I am conscious of it and you are not.
While traveling through the 4D, the empowerment that Ezekiel spoke of is extended to clearing of the other lives too.  Any event of significance can be examined as needed and released.  All of you got to start this prior to 2012 and most of what is left is aspects of other lives which have a certain theme to them.
Bear with me a little longer while I explain.  I know this will be hard for some because when spoken of, it brings up a negative connotation.  That is polarity thinking.  There is always a bigger picture and sometimes you need to go up higher in order to discover it.  So let’s go to the top and save you some work.
Remember all things work in conjunction.
So at the top there is a project/theme to understand opposites.  Some of you called this project the Age of Pisces.  The two opposites being explored on your planet are that of free will verses control.  You as a soul agreed to be a part of this project and you have come to a conclusion of it.  All of this, the ascension, the entering into the 5D is with the purpose of that conclusion.  All the things going on today on your planet are also with the purpose of that conclusion.
How does this effect the 4D?  Well it is reflected in the multidimensional experience you are having.  You now have an opportunity to release all trauma that has accumulated there during the entire project.  That may sound very over whelming but in fact it is not.  It really is as simple as saying to yourself “I release all ties to any fear and trauma accumulated during my lives.  I don’t live there anymore and it is time to move on.”
On a spiritual level the “moving on” is acceptance of the new paradigm, the new theme to come in the 5D.  Some of you call that the Age of Aquarius.  I would call it Unity consciousness.
As mentioned there will be a few experiences of significance that will rise to the surface after you have said this.  You can follow Ezekiel’s steps described in the last message.  
Remember that labeling and defining are not important.  Allowing the story to play out and offering it up to your higher self is important.  Trust, know it is personal, and that you are capable in dealing with it.  The only time it may cause you anxiety is if you resist or interpret with polarity/duality thinking.
Best to not interpret at all!
On earth at this time are also an abundance of light workers who all have methods to help with this clearing.  There is no one method better than another but for personal preference.  Explore and experience all of them without concern.  No harm will come to you only benefit.  I have seen many great things happen with the use of sacred geometry, and sound.
Stay connected to the higher collective consciousness and this is even more important for those who are empathic.  As you heal this trauma and fully become who you really are the truth shall set you free.  In being set free you will be able to transmit into the collective and influence things again.  Not in a manner that has been in the past, not an influence of controlling others, but in a manner that sets all others free.
As Ezekiel said this is not an overnight project.  The goal is really beyond comprehension because to explain the 5D and to experience it are two very different things.  You can gain understanding but you will only “know” once you are there.
In conclusion I want also to address the fear and anxiety being released at this time.  Remember that as you release you are just one of many.  You can easily end up with joint experiences and mutual directions.  You are having your first experience in the nonlinear as a soul in a physical body.  It is natural that emotions be examined so intensely when drama is being released so completely.  It will pass.  There are many systems in place to assist you in this process.  Take advantage of that please.  There are so many others like me who are here now because we want to have this joint experience with you.  Allow us to be there for you in the manner in which we can.  It is going to be alright, you are going to be alright.
I leave you with this blessing.  May all experiences ease you into truth, guide you to the light and bring spirit joy.
P.S. (Laughs – thank you Aza for getting me up at stupid o’clock to channel this message. And to Terry (a friend who is in spirit) for sitting in on the multidimensional experience I had in delivering this message.)