Second session with Eant. April 18th 2016

Throughout the last week I have been asking Eant a question here and a question there.  Once again this is not really channeling – more like mediumship.  He is presenting himself the same way, very jovial.  A slightly sarcastic or mischievous tone also.
Anything in italics is something I added for clarity.
This time I figured I would include the questions posed.
Q: The way I see you is it your natural state?
A: What is a natural state? (It was like he winked at me-implying my question was due to his lack of clothing.)  This is how I see myself when talking to you.  It is my energy expression – all of its glory!  (Laughs) Now you are in a frequency that is lower and slowed than I am from.  So I step things down a fair bit.  In the frequency I inhabit on the outer edge of the Galaxy (8th/9th D) my expression and communication is “naturally visual”.  Like I said to you after the last talk we had, our manifestation and creation takes place from this expression.  Detailed Knowledge is key to this and only those who are practiced in a certain field are permitted the privilege of this expression.  I know you might think of this as forced restraint or discrimination.  However to us it is indeed one of our prime rules and accepted as a central truth.  No drama of the 3d can exist in the 8th/9thd.  (Joking) We are not a Shakespeare stage full of sound a fury signifying nothing!
(Thank you)
Q: Do you acknowledge some of the beliefs that we have on Earth?  Angels, God/Goddess? Celestials?
A: Of course!  It is you who have yet to discover the vast expanse of probabilities.  Even the things you say are so called in the physical and tangible are still not completely understood.  Your recent experience with mold and the collective of mycelium is an example of that.  Science is about to evolve on your planet – and open a whole ball of worms.  (He mixed those two up on purpose to illustrate how little we actually know.)
Now we don’t have the need to define and label the probabilities are you do.  Your Christian God is not what you think it is, or at least what the religion labels it to be.  Your 3d expression likes to have stories, and songs to pass on knowledge.
Q: You know of my experience with Mold?
A: Yes.
Q: Lately my cats have been acting up, taking to someone at night, and over all giving me an idea that there is other beings in my house these days.  Do you know anything about this?
A: It is not me however you do have a lot of higher vibrational energy that is attractive.  Things are happening on a multi-dimensional level and outside of time for you (currently).  You will understand more in a few weeks when it has completed but I am not going to spoil it for you.  So your house is becoming like a meeting place.  Now in honesty it has less to do with you and more to do with closing of that portal and interfering technology.  (I had an event a few months back where some of the star family closed a portal and HAARP tech down in this area.  About two weeks after that they closed another portal that was closer to the town center of CBS.  The energy in this small area is really self-sustaining now.)
Q: How do you see the interfering technology?  Is there anything you could tell me about it?
A:  That is a big question!  (He flashed a picture of the universe into my mind)  I will need to talk about many other things to explain.
We need to talk about what you would call colonization?
However first we need to talk about the Earth rebuilding after the last civilization fell.  A system was set in place for a rebalancing.  What started out as a way to control destiny and stop harmful power struggles from playing into your development, ended up taking a wrong turn.  To keep it really simple, energy follows thought.  In the attempt to deny information or stop events from happening you are instead attracting thoughts to them.  Your planet was set into a 3d / duality on purpose, so that you would have to be physical, you would not be able to set in motion manifestations that would result in the same catastrophic ends as before.  What is now apparent and indeed being corrected is – the denial of higher vibrational energy doesn’t fix anything.
Remember that there in reality (laughs at his choice of words) there is no wrong or right.  Just what is.  And remember please that time is also a construct you have chosen to harness.  So all of this is happening outside of your time and the closer you get to the 5d the more this will influence you.  I will talk more about that in a bit.
The following are implemented to change the course (future in our time construct).
Earth cannot be in isolation anymore, it is an important member of this Galaxy.  So an increasing mixture of beings are incarnating here now, instead of a limited few.  Those of us (other worldly beings) who do not reincarnate and those of us who can add a positive influence to the events are here now, physically present, and waiting.  Please note that there is a lot of parallel worlds (different dimensions) sharing your Earth with you.  These beings are more actively involved than at any other time in history.
(Teases) – They are invested in the planet too.  It is there home.
Soul memory is being awakened.  This means you have a better chance of clearing away all negative thought patterns and energy from parallel / other lives.  In the collective consciousness was the idea that to erase the memories would stop the re-creation of past mistakes.  Instead it has had the opposite effect.  With this release your true self can be set free.  Learning follows and patterns are not going to be repeated.  There will be more on this later… it is really important to understand.
Timing for this is really important.  Energy from Galactic influences, your Sol (sun) evolution, and Earth based need for healing and transition have all coincided with a collective regathering, remembering, and regeneration.
Finally Earth cannot be supressed anymore.  A release allowing transcendence must follow.  Must occur.
Eant Q: I hope you are still following me?
Me A: (Yes, just.)
In the area of Earth that you inhabit there has been a lot of political influences, religious based controls, and archaic economic methods.  The systems put in place as described above had resulted in power struggles and intellectual vulnerabilities.  In other words you have all been easily coned, easily controlled and won over by a small few.
Never forget that these are all things you have agreed too.  Never forget that the solution is something you have all agreed to also.  While in spirit.
Colonization took place over a course of time and is indeed what you are correcting today.
THE one thing that is going to make the biggest difference is having regained your senses (memories).
The Technology I spoke of in use today were a means to stop this from happening.  TO keep people asleep and easy to control.  It was a new corruption and was indeed leading down the same path that has been played out over and over again on this planet.  For the first time ever there is a chance that the cycle is going to be broken
I hear you asking what technology?  Medical, weather control, what you call wave frequencies (?), energy, and communication.  Those are the main ones.  The monetary system you use is so archaic I would hardly call it a technology (his energy pattern and colors made me think it was the equivalent to rolling his eyes at me)
There is still a lot of technology that you have which serves the higher good.  Please don’t misunderstand.  I am just talking of the ones that are being used in a way to control and maintain power over.
Me A: (yes)
Q: Can I remind you now – you wanted to talk about something further?
A: Yes.  I have mentioned this prior.  I used Göbekli Tepe as an example prior.  I will use it again here.  How did it suddenly appear?  Why is it that all the science in place to do with recording time is in question?  While you pass through the 4d – there is an amazing amount of shifting happening.  The construction of Göbekli Tepe just happened in other words.  You are seeing the result of that – in your time frame.  Science is being altered and put to question because the understanding of empirical truth is flawed.  Empirical truth does not exist.  It is based on the 3d.  If you cannot have absolutes that exist outside of creation how can you have a science that is based on these said absolutes.  Knowledge and understanding exist only as a tool for learning and growth.
No one is going to remember the past soon… so all of this is going to be normal.  (He laughed hard) At one time you all thought the Earth was flat and that the sun revolved around you.  Like a child.
(I ended my connection to him at this point.  That was a lot to digest.  I am not sure I was able to do it justice in the typing.  His communications are getting more and more complex, dimensional and visceral.  I wish I could just film what he puts into my head to show you all.)