Truth. April 9th 2016

If you are uncomfortable telling the truth you need to look at why.  It is not the other person’s responsibility to modify their behavior so you can be comfortable.  It is not right for you to blame the other person for your discomfort.

Instead look at your behavior and how it applies to the relationship situation you are in.  While you may think you are saving the other persons feelings or protecting someone (maybe even yourself?) by hiding the truth, your truth.  In actuality you are behaving in an arrogant manner.  It is not your job to protect anyone from anything.

So if you need to tell one person, “please keep this to yourself because so and so will be hurt by it”.  Or if you feel that being in your truth means others will shun you or cut you from their lives, know that this is really an opportunity to examine the complete or bigger picture.

While the journey from secrecy to disclosure is a rough road it is always worth it.  Everyone benefits.  Know in these days of 2016 it is also a multiple life/multiple aspects journey.

The old way of thinking about relationships needing secrecy or hidden agenda’s in order to function is indeed a part of the past.  This is a false sense of intimacy.  Real intimacy is actually created by both people involved or both groups involved when comfortable in being their true selves completely and harmoniously. 

You can leave that old way behind now.  You will be surprised at how many others are actually waiting for you to do this.

This message is mostly talking about truth on a relationship level but the idea of truth goes beyond relationships and into faith, purpose and personal journeys.  It is a timeless multidimensional thing and far reaching.

Yes truth is capable of manifesting into reality.


(A lot of this is to do with things I have been working on and questioning but I know no one is an island.  So if it is in the room it is in the group.  I knew immediately when getting this message on Saturday that it was meant for more than just me.  I had wanted to continue with Eant, I am told that I will be doing that next Sunday.)