Message from Eant on May 22nd 2016

As most of you will have seen I went to Saint Brigid’s spiritualist church in Edmonton today.  It reminded me of something very important.  If you are going to go the path of being a spiritualist minister and doing platform mediumship / demonstrations of mediumship then you need to go to as many different churches as possible.  It will help you know what resonates with you and what does not.  I had a good experience today but it certainly was not the humble church I love in Salmon Arm.  A big shout out to Norm and all his flock.  Not only do they do a great job in the service they do a fantastic job of welcoming and including any new comers who happen to step through the door on a Sunday.  I do miss you all.

Today’s message is mostly from Eant with a little bit of Ezajabah thrown in here and there.  Eant actually approached me this time to talk when I was watching Drunvalo Melchizedek and the Flower of Life series on Gaia TV.  It happened part way through the first of three videos – when I was reminded of just how I resonate with a lot of what Drunvalo says.  Eant wanted to talk to me about the Melchizedek in general.  So this is not so much a question and answer session as much as it was him talking to me to add in during the video.

(While watching it I was pondering how what I learned when I took the Flower of life and Merkabah in 2011 related into what is going on with our current transition.  I know that the old method I practiced is no longer needed today)

Now Ezajabah decided to get involved because some of the deeper more shadow elements might be disturbing to a few.  I will make sure to let you know who is talking and when.  Remember Eant is not channeled.  He is a living being from the outer edge of the galaxy. Whereas Ezajabah is my one of two spirit guides and she is channeled through me in automatic writing. 

 ~ Lois~

How does this relate to what I call my bigger picture and studies?  Very much so!  We are familiar with Melchizedek as a method.  For me it is the name we give to a certain spirit, a vitality.  That certain spirit and vitality is something we study and practice.

(Picture Eant rubbing his hands and leaning forward because of his interest in this topic.)

I am going to tell you just how this relates to your world journey.

For all of you on Earth the first and most vital focus today is still that of spiritual evolution. Spiritual Growth. So to even place a focus outside or on a different area is a waste of time.  You are not there yet.  No one is ready yet for the next steps.

You cannot focus on innovation at this time because you cannot evolve from the vibration you are at.  Melchizedek (the method) is one (of many)very effective methods of raising vibration and acknowledging the light body.

You need to all lighten up ~ laughs…

If you do not raise your vibration on this planet on mass then the innovation systems you need to implement will not actually come to be.  An example of that is the information is already available on what to create or what to do, but you are 95% blind to it.  It is as if it does not exist yet.  When you get that vibrational level raised, the innovations will happen fast and furious.

The healing to the masculine and feminine that needs to happen will take place too.

In regards to the changes that need to be made on Earth, in all areas.  Economically, politically, environmentally, and technologically (this is where he sees fossil fuel dependency) the focus cannot be on innovation at this time.

(Ezajabah:  You see that is in alignment with what we have been talking about.  Without the completing of the spiritual work as you transition through the 4thdimensional energies you would not be allowed to create when you get to the 5thdimension.  Indeed you would most likely be held back till you are able to do what needs to be done.  Holding back can be accomplished by reincarnating into a life pre-ascension.)

Some of you may understand this method and vitality is the right use of will.

Now after the lightening up the first innovation will be communication.  Looking in so that you can look without.  With Melchizedek this is also the practice.  It simply means transitioning from duality, the “us and them” to a unified continuum.  This is needed to create the unity that we universally all must have for everything else to fall into place.  Communication with each other, with the universe, with all systems in nature, and with beings who co-exist with you on and around the Earth.  This communication happens via the electromagnetic features of our bodies, on the planet, and in the Universe.  As I said this information is already there.  The system is already there, it is our vibrational levels creating a blindfold to truly seeing it and how to make it work. 

Now I say that you are not all there yet but in honesty all of us (from other worlds) are holding our breath in anticipation wondering just when the ball is going to finally drop.

Now during all of this and on into the future for some time you are going to see large groups of people departing into spirit.  I want you to understand that this too is necessary, the physical population needs to be lowered in order for the change to take place.  There are many whose job was simply to set this up then leave, there are many who just came here for a quick down and dirty live (s) and then are back to where they came from.  So a tearing down has to happen before the rebuilding can take place.  I know this to be the hardest prospect of all for many many of you.  Especially so it seems to be a continuing of the trauma you need to heal from.

(Ezajabah:  Please note that there are many ways of lowering the population.  One would be for the population to stop increasing – people will go to reincarnate on other worlds.  One would be for the large groups who have pre-arranged to leave to fulfill that destiny.  Natural cataclysm will happen as the Earth rearranges her own energies, and these will involve loss of life in all its forms.  The other option that you all need to keep in mind is spiritual transcendence – where there are souls who have completed the necessary and are working with source for the next part of spiritual evolution.  Please do not see this as a doom and gloom.  In fact this planet is giving birth to many transcended souls at this time – this has been spoken of before.)

With spiritual evolvement will come the coping and necessary language to deal with the changes as the happen.  (He showed me a circle at this time and reminded me of how important the language of sacred geometry is).