My message from July 9th 2016, not channeled but an account of my experiences lately.

I want to start by saying that I am going to just have to accept this Woo Woo stuff is going to keep coming.  I am going to accept that there is a bigger purpose here and that I am one of many conduits or communicators for that purpose.  I recognize that my experiences do create my beliefs.  Beliefs are my personal truth and very seldom have anything to do with what some people would like to call Fact.
Thank you to everyone of my friends and supporters who I can call on in these times and to the ones new or old that are on this journey too!
I want to also recognize Diane Marshall because she has been a big part of who I am becoming.  May I never stop becoming.  I was in conversation with her at one point during this past week and it was a huge help.  A direct thank you to Diane for that.  I know I am not alone in understanding that you are so important to so many.
Thank you Tyhson for your supportive Facebook pages and personal guidance.  Thank you Don Elzer for simply being you, and I know you know what that means… LOL.
Having said that this message is an account of things I have been a part of lately.  I will also be relaying information that was given to me by my guides when I needed it.  Oh boy did I need it.
A lot of you have heard me talk about the Geomancy work I am embarking on this year (and into 2017) in Newfoundland, or at least you have read about it.   If not this will sound as if I am jumping in mid point and for that I apologize in advance but I don’t want to spend time getting everyone up to snuff.
For the last month I have been working on a new aspect of the Empathic firing of the grid.  It was brought to my attention by Claudette that there was another portal I needed to give my focus too.  This was surprise to me because the ones I did close are just fine and have remained so.  I started to look for this portal and didn’t find it till much later on.
But I jump ahead just a wee bit here.  First I need to say that slowly over the course of a few weeks my laptop computer has been acting up.  It started with an alert from what I thought was Windows.  A pop up window asked me if I wanted to change the settings on my power to extend the life of my battery.  After the fact I found out it was a part of the software that is from Dell.
Instead what it ended up doing was creating a problem with my computer power system.  My battery continued to get weaker and weaker.  When I went in and changed the settings back finally it did not fix the problem.
My belief was, somehow and some way there was a malware or such piggy backing on the request.  By accepting it I gave permission.  The end result was a failed hard drive.  Which by the way seems to have come back to life now that this is all over and I have a new computer… go figure huh?  I bet dollars to donuts if you ask me a year from now that damn thing will still be running.
The other thing that happened was an over all incompatibility with myself and all technology and this was not isolated to my house.  Then we had the extended life light bulb in out computer room area burnout two times in less than 48 hours.  It was that last one that got my attention and made it so I took a renewed and deeper look into what has actually going on.
Why you ask would I even think this was possible?  Well here we go into my newly accepted Woo Woo life and the story of that portal.  Years ago I was introduced to the term Axiatonal Grid during an area paranormal consultation in Kaledan BC.   Then after that again at a Lee Carol / Kryon talk on his newest book called The Gaia Effect.  (Remember this Selena?  How we both went OMG – he is talking about what we took part in at Kaledan!!)   All of that information came back into play this last month during my work.
For those of you who do not know what the Axiatonal Grid is:  Simply put it is the matrix.  It is the energy grid that is in and around us, and in and around the planet.  The book The Gaia Effect talks about channeled information collected from Kryon by Lee Carol and assembled by Monika Muranyi.  The information collected is all about this grid system, and tracking the firing of it.   It does so by acknowledging the part humanity plays in it all.  At the time of the clearing we did in Kaledan BC I was in awe of all of this and a part of me still feels like a child in a HUGE sand box.
How important is this grid and having it re-established on and around the planet?  It is ENORMOUSLY important.  Let’s say I really feel the human race depends on it.  Of course Gaia will survive if we ceased to be, however I feel her preference is that we continue to live on as her cohabitants along with all life.  This is recognized in many ways and by many people, great or small.  Everyday I hear of someone new who has awakened and is now plugged into the network to heal the life on this planet via the reestablishment of the Grid.
After I woke up to “more going on with my computer than meets the eye”, I started to look at where it was coming from and discovered it was connected to the same old shadow technology I was working on dismantling.  Let me say again, “I am not alone in this”, I am just the conduit or communicator.  A part of a large effort going on along with so many other people and some of you who are reading this.
Let’s talk about that shadow technology I am speaking of.  It is called by many names, Geoengineering, HAARP, Psychotrinics, artificial EMF, Disinformation, Subliminal messaging, Floridization and calcification of our pineal gland, Chemtrails, Sugar and artificial crap in our foods – and oh did I mention sugar?  All of this designed to stop the Latent Power in Man, simply because it is easier to control us this way.
I don’t look outside the human race for the soul or heart of this deception, as for me it is too easy to see the humans who benefit from it all.  I don’t discount anyone else’s experience, however this is about my truth.
Now that I had started to look for the root of what was happening to me, I remembered Claudette’s message.   Then on a drive around the Avalon Peninsula with my husband Robert, I found the Portal she was telling me about.  It was different from all the rest. It was not near the ground and it was at least 100 times larger than anything I had seen prior to this.  This one was close to the Earths Stratosphere.  I was immediately overwhelmed – that was too big for me to even try and influence.  “This is insane, forget it”, I told myself.  Then as clear as day I heard Claudette’s advice that I was to ask for help, to call in who ever it was that was needed to get the job done.  Oh my Ego has fun with me at times.
So I asked Lord Sananda, the cosmic Christ to come and help me please.  I felt him respond and was very excited.  Just to make sure I was doing it right and giving it all I got I asked for everyone I could think of after that.  I asked for Mary, The Council of Twelve, The Higher order of angelic energy to do with the creation of this planet, I asked for my personal guides and angels and I asked for the God/Goddess of my understanding to send help too in anyway he/she saw fit to do so.
At that time, I was instructed that I was not to try and close this portal.  This one was different from all the rest in Newfoundland so far.  This one was a natural one and connected to the health of the planet.  Instead the job was to clear and clean it out.  It was filled with all the residue from the Shadow Technology I have told you of.  Like energetic black tar.  That black tar like substance had also created cracks and rips in the portal.  It was no longer spinning like it should in a circular fashion.  In fact, it was hardly able to spin at all.
I gave my attention to this project, monitoring any progress.  It was going very slowly up till Wednesday July 6th.  Then I had this intense 18-hour experience, which I will do my best to explain to you.
I went to bed early, as this was Roberts first day back at work since April.  He has been off work taking his Apprenticeship training in Edmonton, but he had been back at home for a few weeks after that.  My reason to go to bed early was I really felt like I needed more sleep that night.  So at 8 pm I was all comfortable under the covers and almost immediately drifted off to sleep.  That is when my journey began and carried on approximately till 4 pm the next day.
What happened was spirit took me into an altered state as soon as I closed my eyes, and then from there was journey after journey all night.  I only have recall of one of the journeys and I feel that one was the most relevant because of what it changed.  After I got out of bed about 9 am, I continued to journey still and my recollection of that is incomplete but much better.
This is the first time I have been in an altered state for that long.  The longest prior was maybe four hours.  Not only was I able to do it, but I came out of it completely renewed and healed in many ways.  I attribute a new way of thinking to that.  However, I won’t get into that at this time except to say that I now believe “all energy work that I do creates perfect harmony and balance in my body thus leaving me better than I was before”.  I now believe that any belief prior to this was a part of the whole Shadow Technology thing and because of that I dismiss those old beliefs entirely.
The one clear remembering I have from my journeying that night is this:  I was standing on top of a grass bluff, the water was below me.  I looked up and noticed the sky becoming cloudy, and I felt the barometer change like it was going to rain.  A voice said to me, “Speak, Sing and drive the storm away”.  I opened my mouth and what came out was not any language I have ever heard of before.  It was toning like Tom Kenyon does.  I immediately thought to myself, “This is Diane Marshall’s language, that she told me about!”  Excited by that I closed my eyes and just opened myself up to what was coming through my voice.  When I opened them again it was clear skies and I could see the portal distinctly.  It was beautiful and iridescent.  It made me think of the book “A Wrinkle in Time”, like I was looking at a Tesseract.
I made myself wake up at that point and grabbed my phone to message Diane.  Bless her for taking a message from me when I was in that altered state.  I told her a simply version of what happened and then asked her to test it out.  I told her that her language was a language of creation and she could use it to heal many many things.  (Remember there is a 4 ½ hour time difference between the Newfoundland and BC – that will help you make sense of the messaging back and forth.)
Later on Thursday as this continued I asked Diane if she would assess what was going on with me.  She did and I knew that she was helping me through this from that point on.  I recall being witness to a mass migration that brought me to tears several times.  My understanding of it all was many beings that did not belong in our dimension had been trapped here because of the pollution in that Portal.  Now that it was cleared, and operating at it’s full capacity they were finally able to go home.  They had been trapped here for many years.  While typing this I am reliving that feeling of complete joy and release and it is making me cry again.
Several times during this migration I heard the language I spoke of earlier and began to tone it again.  Every time I did I was answered back by many other voices and the resonance it created was amazing.  There was a healing sound being produced and it was carried around in the spiritual realms like bird song on the wind.
The one word that had the most effect on me was one that sounded like “GANEW”.  It was a toned in a sort of chirping swallowing sound.  Even now when I repeat it there is an answer back.
When it was done, the Grid shifted and locked into place.  A sense of peace and tranquility resulted.  I don’t see any problems happening with technology or electrical appliances in my near future.  I also think that what was going on with my old laptop has been reversed.  Yes, this is my belief, not fact.  My truth.
I have also ordered some products to help me out in the future and possible prevent this from happening again.  Thank you to Tyhson for his guidance on this.

I want to end this long rant with a note about discovering your voice and the power behind that.  If all of us could reach inside and hear our own language, the language of the soul, just imagine what we could collectively create.  I think that this language I am experiencing is the language of the Empaths.  I think it will carry the message on into the Grid, and ensure that the resonance of our true nature permeates into the 4th dimensional realm and carry us on into the destination of the 5th dimension.  I think that this language is going to be the needed spiritual technology, it is not new, we are only remembering it.