August 14th 2016 – Celebrations.

As in days of old, there is a pattern to evolution in physical life on this planet.  It is not meant to be all hardness and despair.  You are meant to cycle through learning and growing with the end result of achievement.  This balance has been thrown askew in the transitions and ascensions occurring at the end of the Piscean age.  It is time to remember and practice the balance again.
The best part of physical life is celebration.  This sense of in-joyment can not be achieved while in spirit because things are more even keel.  However, the 4th and 5thdimensions are still within the construct of time.  You just have more control over the manifestation it takes form in.  I suggest that you all begin to add celebration back into that manifestation.
This is supposed to be the job of your spiritual leaders.  To guide everyone to deeper understanding and therefore celebrations of that understanding.  In the up coming years the possibility is to come back to a world where celebration is done on mass.  You all need to replace the cook cutter idea of holidays and bring things back to the truth.  Learning, and growth are meant to be cause for celebration, not over pondering.
Dare I say the more you journey away from the lower level mass consciousness and into the higher celestial consciousness – you will find that you are not tied down meaningless traditions.  These meaningless traditions are imposed on you to try and create uniformity as a form of control.  Unity is all about interdependence – individuality recognized by the whole.  You could start by celebrating this.
Look for reasons to celebrate, daily, weekly, monthly or yearly.  Be proud of coming through the growth you are all coming through.  Celebrations also give you moment to take pause and be grateful for the balance in life because there is never just one emotional state or response.  Spiritual leaders step up and implement what the heart/mind knows to be needed in today’s world.
 Aza and Ezajabah