August 21st 2016 – The remembering and the illusion.

Part of the remembering that is going on for everyone involves the resolution of a contradiction.  How to justify what you are experiencing in the physical as an ascension symptom and the fact that you are in your essence a perfect spawn of source.
As a soul in the physical right now you agreed to have an awakening into a higher frequency than when you entered.  Not an easy task.  Once the trauma from the physical past is let go of, you can then see that a new reality does exist.  I find this first part is easiest to comprehend for most of you.
What needs to be remember is that all of this is an illusion.  This is the harder part.  The soul doesn’t need the ascension.  The soul doesn’t need to learn of a higher frequency or of different dimensional realities.  The soul is perfect in this already.  The learning and growth is only the experience of this illusion.