August 7th 2016 – Meswsage from the Cosmic Mother

Life is carrying on with not being easy for me. All sorts of old health issues are popping up again for apparently no reason. At least no logical reason. So I am not surprised when it was the Cosmic Mary/Mother who contacted me this morning for the channeled message.

Her method of communication is very visual, not verbal. So a lot of this is my putting words to her expression.


Health, at this time not one dimensional, as if it ever was. However currently it is more apparent, your awareness is more acute. As said before this is the opportunity for great change, and great healing.

1) The awareness focus should be on the area of your body experiencing the health crisis. Be it your heart, your skin or your joints. Feel intuitively into that area, that pain for your understanding. Meditate as much as needed to achieve this. Look for descriptive words…

2) You may be surprised to find your physical body is responding to collective consciousness issues. This needs to be address with as much detail as you do other aspects of your health. The collective healing has to take place as you Unify. Purging all that is meant to be let go of takes place individually on a personal level. Interesting point isn’t it?

3) Being multi-faceted, multidimensional beings in transition you also need to do treatment of your physical, emotional and intellectual aspects in conjunction with the spiritual. Do find the best place and means to tend to the physical body. I encourage all of you to look at the alternative in this. Like that of proper diet, exercise, and meditation. You will learn how easy it is to become the temple you are meant to be instead of worshiping to the institution claiming to be health care. On an emotional level you all need support too. Grief is the area to focus in on. Opening the door to releasing trauma so you can heal emotionally on a multiple life level is going to take support. It may be a good time to start a group? The one area needing recognized focus is the intellect. Dive into that battle of perceived reality, pull back the covers and peer into the darkness that is hiding there. Bring light into it and absorb. Take one step in this direction and your guides and spiritual helpers will open the flood gates to recovery.

4) The lesson given on mass to everyone as you entered into the age you are now in was to take pause. Slow down, stop overwhelming yourself with things, whether they be material or otherwise. It seems that this lesson was lost. So it is being repeated for some of you. Be quick to learn it so that you can lessen the duration and intensity!

5) Nurture yourself before you try to nurture anyone else. Unity consciousness is new; you are learning it as you go along. Yes, you have all had lives in different scenarios and some of them were in a Unity consciousness – but this time you are being given the task of evolving physically into that level of awareness. So know it is going to be rocky.

Simply put thoughts are energy. Your world is pure thought form at this time – imagine what you can do with that!?

Cosmic Mother

(She referred to herself as M at this point)