July 17th 2016 – A compelation from Aza, Me and Eant.

Todays message is a compilation.  I have some more from Aza in regards to the work he is doing with me these days and a little bit from the other-worldly being I communicate with called Eant. I also me discuss my experiences with Aza’s.
During this automatic writing session with Aza I found the information to be delivered a little differently.  It was heavier and deeper than Aza’s usual style.  I check several times to make sure it was indeed only Aza talking to me and I had it confirmed that it was indeed just him.
Part one – Aza:
As parents you often use behavior modification techniques with your children.  You do this because it makes everyone’s life easier and you protect your children from being overwhelmed or confused by the adult world.  Children operate in a different realm than adults, and that does not mean this realm is any less than the realm of human adults in todays world.
The subliminal and behavior modification techniques being used on the majority of adults today via psychotrinics is not that much different.  It started with the belief that this was for the better good of the planet.  That the general publics beliefs were too rigid to conform to something so outside of the box as alien knowledge or intuitive memory.
Don’t forget that you as a soul group also decided, after the Age of Atlantis and Lemuria had resulted in such a catastrophic end, you would put in some safe guards.  One safeguard was having a very physical experience in the 3rd dimension and only venture into the 4th and 5th when you could be able to handle it better.
So when you see information talking about population manipulation, behavior modification on a global scale and psychotrinics, you must remember this is not all about a few controlling the many.  You need to remember that the planet is awakening on all levels, and that included those who agreed early on to be the managers of these technologies this time around.
So that feeling that you have about the government being a set up, something that is programed to happen and that you really don’t make a difference by voting, you are indeed correct.  However, you are also wrong, when you look at it from a soul perspective – the bigger picture.
You are united as a collective consciousness – you and them does not apply anymore.
You do make a difference.  You just need to wake up fully to the truth of reality.  These messages have talked about this in the past.  Knowledge is really power.  Now that you are traveling through the 4th dimension(s) to your destination in the 5thdimension(s), there is a different energy to work with.  You can take the knowledge you are aware of and create or manifest real change.
Are you still with me?
All of this is about healing the trauma experienced on a conscious and subconscious level and that healing is traversing the present, past and future on a multidimensional level.
Any wonder you feel exhausted at times?  Now we just have to separate the real exhaustion from the programmed version.  Real exhaustion has a beginning and a conclusion.  Programmed couples on to the real exhaustion and does not have a conclusion.
So let’s look at the one area of awareness that Lois has been exploring in the last few weeks.  I want you to all take out your beliefs and examine them deeply on all levels at your own pace after reading this.  Specifically, those of the “energy worker”.
Yes, in the 3rd dimensional realm you would indeed have a limited supply of source energy.  Your physical body and energy body make-up is regulated by the DNA, and the energy centers you were operating on.
All of you have evolved.  You are functioning on a 12 chakra energy system.  7 major ones you know of and 5 newer ones that are called Major minors chakras.  You DNA has been awakened also, so physically you are different when it comes to sensor perception.  The parts of you that were asleep since birth are now fully functioning.
Specifically, this year of 2016, you have abilities for infinite energy flow.  There is no need for any work you do to drain you. Ever.
Because of this, all the physical problems – like auto immune diseases, are going to be healed.  Sometimes this is going to happen purely on an energy level.  Other times it will happen through advancements in medicine.  Lois has experienced this just recently on a purely energy level.  The lesson being as I describe above to learn the difference between real exhaustion and the programed one.
Her programming was to use source energy, but that you can become drained and tired by doing energy work.  She believed that this was a symptom of being a medium/healer/light worker.  The experience fueling this was looking at all the examples out there, of others who were crippled and sick later on in there lives.  A few that took it to the next level and die of cancer.
This is no longer reality for her because of the following steps.

  1. Healing and removing what is not of you physically by diet and detoxing.  This step is such a must.  You need to tune in, find a healer who will work with you. Find out what areas of your body need attention.  For Lois there was a lot of work on her liver and kidneys, then a removal of black mold.  You also need to change your diet to be real food, not anything processed. Take care of yourself in a physical way with exercise of some sort.  Once you have done this the next step is possible.  Do not let any diagnosis stop you from trying this step.  Beware that the diagnosis might be a part of the programming.
  2. Look at what is going on around you with new eyes.  What is of you and not of you?  What are you still doing automatically?  Are you buying into what the media is telling you even though it is not the same thing as what is in your own back yard or in your heart?  Is there any source of psychic attack or psychotrinics in your home or work?  The simple way to end this is to accept your awakening and reflect back at the source of these things you new energy thought.  So for media – pick a source that resonates with you.  Use protection as a mirror for psychic attacks – the wiccan reed says that bad energy is capable of rebounding back onto the source 3 fold.  With psychotrinics sending the energy back at it will nullify the effect and deactivate the mechanism that is producing the attack.
  3. Awaken to your empathic abilities as a telepathic sender.  Every time you feel that lowered and slowed energy around you address it.  De-magnify it by, toning, singing, dancing and drawing down energy, opening up your light body.  Disperse, transmute with energy alchemy.  For example, if you have fear transmute that into self esteem.
  4. Make it part of your daily routine to reassess what is happening to you in the moment.  KNOW that you are capable of changing this now and it will happen with ease.  Trust yourself, be interdependent but not codependent by being a receiver and transmitter for manifestation. 

Part two – Lois:
How did I put this information to work for me and receive the maximum amount of benefit?  I did it by chanting, toning and singing.  I use affirmations too.  Aza has told me that he is going to give me information next on where and how to tap.
Last week you might have seen a reply where I had written this affirmation:   My new belief is this: “All my energy work leaves me feeling completely balanced and in harmony with my Authentic self”. In holding that belief, it will be very hard for anything but higher vibrational energy to attach to me.
I have many such affirmations like this and I use them as needed.
I have also been adding spontaneous affirmations into my morning shower energy clearing.  I chant the Kodoish three times and then add in my affirmation.  I repeat this until there is nothing left to affirm.
As needed I do earthing too, and this allows me to be the unity that I know I am.  A little different from grounding but those who know me also know I stopped heavily grounding myself to Gaia a long time ago (2011?).
This work has increased my capacity to work inter-dimensionally and multi-dimensionally.  I am sleeping better than I have in a long time, I am experiencing less pain, and I have a normal energy level which dips when active and recovers nicely after a rest.
Part three – Eant:
Cosmo/cosmically speaking your Earth has shifted again, along with the Galactic core in your year of 2016.  Part of my life is to explore and understand the workings on your planet.  As stated before I am on a field trip right now, visiting you because I want to be a part of the complete experience.
In your month of July 2016 the Earth found alignment with the vibrational frequency of the Galaxy again.  I know a lot of you have had light headed moments that were very intense.  Not to be confused with dizziness – more like a shift in intellectual capacity.  In other words, you were suddenly smarter. (laughing).  Marvelous.
Some of you have had illnesses, or viruses to content with.  The flu?  The different frequencies caused a spontaneous healing and releasing of trauma to occur.
Did you experience a feeling of being tilted or off center?  This was also a part of your physical reaction to the frequency change.  Being knocked off balance was necessary as a part of your awakening.
(As I was getting this message I was having trouble with my vision. I think it was Eant demonstrating on me as he talked.  I wonder if he is trying to heal my vision problems or at least make me aware that I can correct this too.)
As you go through these symptoms and practice Aza’s steps you have an opportunity to truly understand what is the Universal influence, the natural occurrences, and what is of a technological influence.  It is very important for you all to get this.
(I had an image of getting hit over the head – but it was in a comical way).
Your planet just came through a frequency change to resonate better with the latter part of the 4th dimensional frequencies.  It was like a party up here as we celebrated your accomplishment.  I have to say the odd were not in your favor – we all thought you were going to miss the boat this time.  So our joy was even sweeter that you did it.
Now – please note that if you are tuned into the negative events going on in synchronicity you might find what I just said confusing.  However, if you refer to what Aza said about the job we all have to play in this drama, a part of your heart is going to understand not everyone wants you to wake up.  Forces out there want you to be distracted from your true nature.  Your role at this time is to learn what is truth and what is meant to distract you.
You are so close to this not being a proven method anymore… The light shining on you and from you all is brighter than it has ever been before.  The veil is thinner so take some time to peak beyond it.  You will be amazed by what you find has been hidden from you.  Not too much longer and it will have been rewritten so you won’t be of that old traumatic past any longer.
(This message was not from me asking questions of Eant.  This was his response to what Aza wanted to write and because he is so excited for all of us and the accomplishment he is speaking of.
Also remember that Eant talks of the fluidity of time. He sees progression as non linear. So we are writing this as we go along and rewriting as needed to keep things cohesive.)