July 31st 2016 – Jophiel talks of confusion and change

What a crazy last two weeks… so many of us having a difficult time right now.  Even the planet feels like it is on the verge.

Jophiel is the Arch Angel of transformation and beauty which to me places her in the South direction.  This also talks to me of her being beginnings, rising up, and of the element of fire.  Creation rising out of the ashes becoming the beauty way.



It is time for me to speak again of the place you find yourself all in.  This place of confusion and change.   Confusion of the heart/mind as it weaves its way through the multifaceted aspects of your journey.  The unveiling that is going to occur next will help you understand this confused ending/beginning.

We can speak of it as the next firing on the empaths, even though it is not occurring on a conscious level it is indeed your continued initiation.  Most of you have been in two minds.  One of them is the physical and that is what you are aware of… what you are remembering.  The other has been on the pure etheric level, working once again with the Adam Kadmon blue print.  For indeed this is all being preplanned as we go along.

You are all time traveling in both directions at the moment.

We have spoken of the unlocking of knowledge that would occur in the week prior, that is indeed what has happened.  It was not easy; it is still not going to be easy.  Take heart though, the troubles and trials you have all come through starting in 1999 are not going to reoccur no matter how much it feels like they will.  There is in place a fail-safe, a catch all, a grace that is supporting you all in the process.

While reading these words recognize this grace and be the strength in it.

So what to do to help yourself and others through this?  Release all as often as you can.  Practice disconnecting, get to a space/place where you can reset in isolation.  Cocooning. However, do not stay in that space.  Once you have found your center it is necessary that you reconnect and move forward.  You will find that the collective consciousness will be of a higher vibration once you do reconnect.  Inside that resonance will be the guidance you are craving.

You are the ones you have been waiting for, but remember that means in Unity.  You are not meant to go it alone from here on in.  You are meant to move forward as an empowered force.

Some of you are really clinging to the past realities in Mantra.  You repeat what it is that you think you know to yourself. This is not bringing you the stability you believe it is.  Instead it is causing your wheels to spin, keeping you in the same place.  The evolution is going on around you – you want to be the evolution.  Let go and join in.

Meditate – You must step into the celestial heart/mind and form the future.  You DNA is ready, your spirit is ready, allow your emotional and intellectual state to align.

With empowerment from me as a blessing in this message, let the beauty flow through you, into your lives, one at a time.  Nurture it, feed it, become it.