September 12th – Aza.

I have a lot of spiders around my house, and therefore a lot of their spiritual energy. For me spiders are about the web of life, weaving, subtle strength, purpose, and seeing of the spiral. Spiders are also about sacred geometry.

This spider energy is also tying into a lot of discussion of authenticity and imagination. I have been involved in several conversations either directly or as a witness where the question of reality has been proposed. What is imagination or what is reality?

So Aza popped in to talk about this, because it has come up before in 2009 during a class I was teaching on sensory perceptions. He was the one who addressed it then and he felt really excited about addressing it again.


Imagine the Dream:

I want to talk of how Hope and Imagination are intertwined, and how that plays out in the cause an effect aspect of your current reality.

A journey of:
• Awakening to the hidden truths as opposed to being tied down and asleep under what the governing powers are telling you.
• Questioning everything from that moment of awakening until you find “who you are” in relation to the Universe.
• Realization that it is about you and your place in the Universe.
• Empowerment replacing servitude to the system
• Finding your imagination again and feeling the hope that comes with that.

In 2009 I addressed the importance of imagination, and what I said then still applies today. Creation is all about being able to imagine where you are going, what you want to have happen and how you imagine this taking place. This applies in the intellectual, emotional, spiritual and physical aspect of all human life.

However, all of you are on the verge of letting go of this 3d paradigm and the vernacular surround it. You are going to let go and move on from that because as you get closer to the 5th dimension it can no longer be defined in that limiting way.

It will be in a purer form of Manifestation.

I don’t want anyone to hold them selves back from questioning what is going on, so don’t think this is what I am implying. Instead have a knowing that by “not” questioning what you were being told or what you are experiencing and then disbelieving your heart, you ended up in this situation where imagination became the enemy.

Now is the time to redirect this thought energy. If you are having doubts as to what is your imagination and what is reality you are in the right place! You are shifting onward, you are nearing the end of the clearing and cleaning out of the lowered and slowed 4d energies. You have reached the mid point in your journey to entering the 5d.

You can start creating what will come next for you on an individual basis… For the sake of this discussion lets now put “Dream” in the place of “Imagination” as it will serve to illustrate the point I am making. I want to unleash you all here today in the understanding that the stars are the limit … you can all reach and create what is needed.

Reach for the stars with your dreams.

Connect to that dream consciousness and manifestation going on in the celestial realms. Smile and send love to any person, thought, energy, or situation that attempts to curtail or limit you. Fuel your physical life with the knowing that you will be energized, healed, and empowered by dreaming this way. Engage physically with the “law of least resistance” at your side.

Despite all that can be holding you down or creating resistance, look around you today for The Hope of the collective consciousness building in the celestial realm surrounding your planet. It is tangible, it will bring a joy to your-being as it has never been experienced before.

For those who are still having trouble, I send out a blessing and connection to the Angels for you.