September 18th Ezekiel

I have been crying a lot lately – quiet tears. Not just from sadness but from all emotions. It seems my “on switch” is at full blast right now. It is rough, but once I realized to just go with it suddenly it wasn’t such a big deal.

I have been missing Ezekiel these last few months so I asked him to address what I was experiencing. A short message this week was the result.


Let go:

Be quick to acknowledge your knowing so that you can travel onto the next stage, realm and plane with the least effort. Know that your resistance to emotional expression is but an obstacle to growth. No one is really meant to deny the ego. You are instead meant to unify with it, let it be an accepted part of you so that you are neither controlling or being controlled by it. In doing so you step into the role of “Observer” and from that you can gauge.

Acceptance of self is for the whole package, in all of its range, not just the parts that are pleasant for others.