October 16th 2016

This week has been a lot of juggling.  I have been working on a lot of different things even if they are all under the category of spirituality and Paranormal.  I like all of you have gone through the shifting taking place this last week (or more) and there is an intensity right now to my practices that is new and refreshing.
There is an angelic feeling to this message as I start today so lets just see who it is by the end.
The life force is rightfully associated with the breath.  It signals your entrance into this word and is the method of noting your departure.  With everything so chaotic on Earth in the now, it is a good time to come back to an understanding and relating to breath.
Take some time this coming week to stop and pay attention to your own breathing, it is not as automatic as you would like to think.  Of course you will not be able to stop breathing just by use of will, but you can acknowledge and focus in on how you are breathing.
Stress, anxiety, emotional responses, and energy levels are all a part of your breathing.  You can have a different breathing pattern because of stress, but you can also pay attention and control your stress by changing your breathing.
Spiritual work can be accomplished simply by breathing.  Place your attention on your breath and only your breath and you can ground yourself, center yourself and connect to source all in one step.  Aza calls this work “Clarity of mind” and considers it to be the first step on any road that leads to enlightenment.
However, I would like to say, because of the energy in todays Earth environment things are meant to happen with ease and contentment.  Taking time to just breath is exactly that.  Breath is life to all who walk on the planet today but you can breathe life into your thought energy, and creation too.
I would add to what Aza says by saying, it is also “breath of creation” and the first step in manifestation on a Celestial level.  You can Unify in your breath of creation, and know no limits to what can be brought into life.
Simply simplify,
Arch Angel Jophiel. 
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