October 23rd 2016 (published early)

This all came through on Wednesday October 19th. I have decided it is needed early and I am changing my pinned post on a Friday because of that.

As you all have seen I have been posting personal comments on the group page as of late, in regards to all the high strangeness I have been going through or experiencing. The most recent one prior to posting this message was in regards to the Akashic records re-positioning.

Hang in there everyone. I know it is difficult right now and that we are all being stretched in many directions at the same time, but it is for a purpose and it is going to get better. Nothing is wasted, everything is of value.

Although I had a very clear and strong connection with a higher vibration while channeling this message, I had to ask who it was. All I was told is “The Collective.” My guides, angels and star family are all present however it appears to be a very communal message from a larger group than just them.




As you have already determined the Earth has transverse through another wave of release and empowerment recently. I have some answers for Lois and she has chosen to share then with all of you.

I need to repeat some information here in the beginning so that we have a reference point for what is in the NOW for all of you. As of the end of 2012 you started to move in consciousness from the 3rd dimension towards the 4th dimension. This means your energy, or your thoughts, can resonate in a different manner. As you are beings/spirits with a creative nature, this shapes your reality. The movement in consciousness from the physical to the astral and then on to the Celestial really means you are able to change the environment you physically exist in – in real time.

So opportunities for great change are upon you.

With the traveling in consciousness, comes release and reconfiguration. This is what we need to pay attention too here. The experiences you are having during the ending of what you call 2016 are related to the release of grief and trauma and the reconfiguration of “future self probabilities”. This is possible, and necessary, when consciousness is in the 4th dimension. Especially at the level you are at now, as there are three levels to the 4th dimensional realm. The levels are not linear but we can say you are at level one. These levels are not hierarchical either.

Everyone involved has absorbed multiple lives, and multiple aspects, and thus are a fuller version of soul having a physical experience. Just as if you were in the life review that happens in between reincarnation journeys. What is added to that now, if you so chose, is a permanent change, permanent course correction that is multidimensional. The feeling or calling of a desire to be home, is related to this need for that course correction.

Having done the work on releasing of grief and trauma the next step is reconfiguration. As all of you born prior to 1999 have been re-patterned you can now align with the Authentic self. The person you are longing to be. Anyone born after 1999 came in with latent configuration and all that is happening for you is an awakening at some level… and as that travels up to the current day the level vary. Really new entries into the world, for example from 2012 on, are only in need of the support that happens when the majority of you align and become.

In simple terms the past, your history has been absorbed and reset. Your future probabilities are now available to you because of this. At this moment, tensions are present, emotions are heightened and it will feel at times like you are about to jump off a cliff (metaphorically). 

One: Allow the feelings of grief to surface as resisting them only makes the connection stronger. This will weigh you down if it is happening. Let go of all resistance. The experience may be intense at first, but this is really the only way to move beyond the final stages of past trauma. What needs to be noted here, is that emotional energy is also merging. As was pointed out prior, you are all going to reconfigure your emotional bodies. I won’t go into deep details on this at this time, but trust that the emotional expression is narrowing. After you have gone through the rough emotional time this year, you will not longer be attached to so many expressions of it.

Two: All that hope, promise and joy that is trying to reach you – stop resisting that too. If things are so different now, that you are not able to remember what was before, you do not need to stress over it! Let – it – happen. Allow that smile that is growing in your heart, no matter what you see going on around you. This experience is really what the firing of the empaths are all about. You embrace that energy because, it is about to be released back out into the world in a Celestial manifestation form.

Three: Some experiences will accompany both of these steps. Dizziness, sleep disturbances, upset stomachs (related to the chakra centers realigning and becoming), emotional out bursts, problems with electrical appliances, Paradigm or Paradox shifts, racing heart, thirsts and food cravings, recognition of community that didn’t exist before. Be the observer in these moments, do not resist, and above all hang onto that feeling of joy. When you are near the end of it, differences in how you experience time, and how you link to source will also be happening.

Yes, there is still a long way to go, but all those that are here to help, whether it be on a spiritual level, inter-dimensional level, or universal level, are doing everything they can to bring in relief “right now”. The evolution that you are a part of, can be difficult, and it is their job (spiritual or enlightened beings) to try and make it as easy as possible for you.


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