October 30th 2016 – Arch Angel Jophiel

So much is going on right now it is hard to narrow this down to one thing or another.  I am going to do the best I can.  Once again it is Arch Angel Jophiel.

When I posted this on my Facebook page I made it an continuation of the previous Sunday post.


The danger is of Despair, so I want to give heart and hopefully elevate, alleviate energy.
Take a moment to breath, as all of you are forgetting to do so deeply and fully right now.  This simple act is life giving in many ways.  Stop here and take three proper breaths.

With the disclosure, you have all asked for and manifested, comes the release of hidden truths.  As these truths rise up to the surface they serve in many ways.  All of you knew this had to happen, there is no moving forward without it.

So, when what you know to be true is demonstrated publicly it is hard to watch but necessary.  It means no one can hide from these truths anymore. In doing so the scales have tipped and there is no going back.  Things witnessed on mass can not be recanted or rehidden.

With early 4th Dimension energy you are still in a reality of discontent begets change.  That is who you work, you still need to direct your attention onto something that offends, something that disgraces, and then when there are enough of you expressing emotional out cry, the energy rises to create the change.

Hang onto the fact that you are moving forward on mass to a better tomorrow.  Stop and take pause, breath and connect to the tide of tomorrow.  The tide of change.  It is tangible right now and you can connect to it, feel it in your heart.

What too years to accomplish in the past, is now taking days.  What you place your heart attention onto will be created.  All of us in spirit are working hard to show you, demonstrate to you, examples of this happening.  Watch for them.  We are using every opportunity, even tiny ones, so you can understand the potential of the NOW.

 When you have completed the healing of Trauma, and done with your releasing of what is not Of you, the possibilities are endless.  It will happen seamlessly, and gracefully.  You are close to understanding that the difference between, “I am happy” and “happy”.

You will never go back.


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