November 20th 2016 – discussion with Eant

For those who don’t know or may have forgotten Eant is a ETI (Extra-terrestrial Intelligence) being I talk to from time to time who originates from the outer edge of the Galaxy.  He calls himself a naturalist while in my thoughts comparing himself to David Suzuki, Wayne Dyer, and Albert Einstein. He is here to witness to the process, as it happens, for the next three years and noted that 2016 is a pivotal year for the planets accelerated shift.
Eant is a light being without a body and he takes on a form of a male human for my comfort. The picture I post with his conversations is a lot like how I see him, but know that he is constantly changing as we speak. When relaxed, he is blue, grey and purple tones and a gold core. His color ripples and changes, he will change his environment to illustrate a point and his emotion expression is of a higher vibration that equals his intelligence.
He doesn’t channel with me, instead he has conversations with me in a sort of telepathic manner.  I believe it was my comment last weekend of having a case of “I don’t give a shit”, that got his attention fully so he started to listen in on my mind talk again and then present as being open to more questions.
Eant still has his unique sense of humor and he still loves to play above anything else.
Conversation from the week of November 10th to 20th.
Lois: I realized that at times when things have been rough for me, it has been you has sent that uplifted feeling of joy.  I wanted to thank you for that.  I am going to ask why you have made this conversation connection again for me at this time, is there something specific you wish to focus on?
Eant: I was hoping to be a sign post to reality again for you and for others who are in need and might be listening.  (He put a visual of a sign post that read “follow” into my mind that point.)  You will notice that we are able to connect in a different manner and that does illustrate what I am wanting to talk about.
Lois: (Recently I have a deeper telepathic connection with him, where it is more direct, less visual and in all ways, easier).
From my position, I see most of you have cracked open, like an egg, like a chick emerging from an egg…  No understanding as to what is going on, you are very fragile and easily distracted by movement and shiny things.  (Eant laughs) I don’t say this as a put down, instead I am still excited to be able to witness all the choices you are making each hour, each day and so on.
(He talked about a cosmic egg in one of the other conversations)
Your fascination is what you need to hang onto.  It will unsettle any attempts at control.  Not that it can ever go back to what you have come through, but these attempts are still of concern.  (Eant started to take on a very fatherly expression in his appearance and I felt comforted again).  Interestingly enough you are learning that to be outside of control from others will mean giving up control from within also.
Let me explain, as you master the new energies and manifestation methods, it will become crystal clear that no force is needed, and the word control is replaced with certainty.
Like I explained briefly before, in our world this mastery is what we are born with and the high consciousness that accompanies it allows for an unbridled function.   Our thoughts are not capable of the lowered and slowed trauma you are all resolving.  Anything above the 3rd dimension and you won’t be capable of the emotions which vibrate lowered and slowed.  You are on the cusp of that happening.
… with the hatching. Peep peep.  
Lois: (that one made me laugh)
As I am sure you are aware of, this year has marked more transitioning for me personally than any year previously, and that I am often in awe of that.  I have begun a remembering in a different way.  A more whole and complete way that also includes unknowing of many things.  What advice could you give all of us on this matter – is there a way to make it easier.
Eant: Of Course! Stop meddling in it.  (dead silence)
Lois: (I laughed at the dead silence).
Eant: All the things that you are experiencing are necessary on an individual basis.  The only issue really, is that you resist and try to hang onto what is known instead of trying to embrace what is becoming.  Have you ever seen a chick try and crawl back into it’s shell?  At times that is what it looks like to us that you are doing.
Lois:  Ok so let’s go there.  Let’s talk about fear and why it is coming up so strongly for all of us.  The idea of letting go and walking into that emotional state without reservation or resistance overwhelms me.  I just can’t go there so it keeps coming back for me to deal with.
Eant: You are answering your own question.  (He smiled).  So, let me show you another path to take and see how this goes for you.  Suppose you did let go and stop resisting the fear you are feeling at times.  You don’t have any experience as to what that is going to be like so you imagine the outcome.  Now remember that imagination is part of manifestation for all of you – that has been true all along.  However, the filters of the 3d are not longer in place so what you emotionally attach to “now” becomes reality.  What have your guides been telling you about the firing of the empaths?  That you are not just receivers but also transmitters? Where exactly is that fear, you are feeling, coming from?
Lois: (He paused so I answered) Oh you are saying it is in the collective conscious because we are putting it there?
Eant: Bingo! (I laughed again because he really liked using that word.) There is only one path to take for all of you and that is awareness of the fear. In doing so you take responsibility for your part in it and can finally transcend.
It is a circle, become aware of what you are feeling and then input what you want to be experiencing instead.  You have hatched into the new you emotionally.  Stop crawling back inside the egg.  Let the shell or remains of the past go, move forward.  Fear is not a part of you anymore.  It is your shell. Don’t end up scrabbled eggs.
Lois: (smiles) Ok thank you.
Eant: It looks like you understand?  Please forgive me because it takes effort on my part to be an effective communicator, your level and system maybe my field of study but my head is in my reality.
Lois: Yes, I am understanding what you are saying.
So, removing fear from my expression. Currently there are decisions being made by others that affect me and the future of our planet.  I want to come back to “I don’t give a shit” that I have been feeling.  I am so ready to move on, I want things to be better, and feel frustrated that others are not there yet.  Why is the old paradigm still in play?
Eant: (He took a breath) This is really what the old paradigm is about. Until you have as a global culture done all the work of releasing the trauma, from the past you will remain un-unified.  Part of what you are feeling is necessary as I said earlier.  You need to be individualized, till you are done with your own stuff and unity will happened quickly when the time is right.  KNOW that there are those of you who are in unity, and that a lot of what you think is going on right now is an illusion.  A shadow of the past, maybe the shadow that shell of yours is casting.  (another laugh).  As you get there – you will be able to forget that shadow is even there and your reality is going to be of the light and in the light.
I know it is hard, because all of you have these “In the now” moments, that are meant to be.  Those moments are a part of the progress.  From my perspective, they are really short lived in the bigger picture of things.  Hold onto that more than what I have been able to offer, as an explanation as to why.
Lois: Thank you.  So how are we doing?  Are we getting it?  Do you see us succeeding this time?
Eant:  Without a doubt.  It is not going to be easy but that is the whole point. All associations with transcendence are for the purpose of learning.  I think you know this, otherwise you would not have chosen to come in at this period of the Earths history.
Change is messy.  You are all going through more than just individual change, you are going through management change and collective reality change.  Many systems will have to completely collapse in order to begin anew.  The key is how well you can all do with “resistance”.  Can you let go of control completely in all ways?  Some better than others.  I know you have heard this from your guides before but try to know you are not alone.  You can not be interfered with but you can be supported.  That is why we have our conversations is it not?
You have hatched but you were one of many eggs within an egg and so on.
As you witness someone acting in lowered and slowed energies, try to remember what we have talked about.  They are dealing with control issues and resistance.  They are connected to the collective consciousness that you are feeding into.  That you are ALL feeding into.  How you chose to respond changes your life.
Lois: Thank you Eant.  I will take leave now and get some rest.  (He bowed and disappeared, then came back to answer a personal question I had but decided to not include in the post).