December 12th – Gaia

There is something about this time of year.  It goes beyond Christmas, beyond the whole commercial family gathering thing… into something very esoteric for me.  I enjoy the cocooning, the darkness, the northern hemisphere with it’s taking a winter nap.  Having a winter season helps me mark time, understand my own personal cycles and gauge progress.
If there is magic in the world I feel closer to it in the winter than I do in the summer. 
From Gaia
I am reaching up and out to all of you without distinction.  Come to me and be touched by the quiet that is happening around and on me at this time.  Cycles are without end, so know that there is not finality in any aspect of my grace.  I offer my shelter and bounty without judgement, so be done with the restrictions you place on yourself.  The capacity to be whole, and at one with the universe is yours.  Love and prosperity are yours.
Walk on into the now, know not of longing for the future.  The natural laws of my being are never in opposition of fundamental truths, instead it is your awakening that holds you back.  That places yourselves in jeopardy. 
I am in communication with the all that is, because I am one with it.  Those who listen will hear the song we sing to each other.  It is on the wind, in the waters, layered in the dirt and stone, and shining in the light of the sun.
It is time for you to be a part of me again.  Stop, listen today.  Hear me.  Hear me.

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