December 25th Final Channeled message

This is my last channeled message for 2016. I will be posting a newsletter every two weeks in 2017 instead. Some of it maybe channeled, we will see, but for now the idea is to talk about the paranormal, and spiritual business that is going on for everyone. I am also taking article submissions, so please feel free to join in with me when you feel inspired too.

The first newsletter will come out on January 14th.

As I said earlier this fall, I have really enjoyed my time doing this weekly practice. When I started out I was pretty intimidated by the whole idea. When I look back I see a lot of valuable information came out of the messages. So much so that I am planning on putting it together in an eBook format sometime in 2017.

So without further ado here is the Christmas message. May your homes be filled with love and laughter. Love you all and thank you for taking this journey with me.


Prepare for impact.

This doesn’t mean what you take it to mean. Instead it is about preparing to have your own impact on the world again. It has been decided (by yourselves actually) that enough of you have gotten with the groove, and now have to take control of future re-creation.

The changes you all made this year were done on a large scale, inter-dimensionally, in a non-linear fashion so it is hard to have cognitive notice. One of the things to look forward to during your life review will be seeing what has actually taken place. We want you to know that you did it! You accomplished what was set out to be done.

If you are still resonating with duality thinking at this point there will be some hard times ahead. Habits can be hard to break. Prepare for that also. However, there is enough people working on the right goals, receiving and sending out the right higher vibrational energy, that there is no going back. Enough incarnate have stepped out of the loop that was playing.

This spirit work had to be done this way, while in life, as it was the only way to create this new paradigm.

You are going to need to find a place of trust again, trust in yourself, and trust in the all that is. Always remember to ask for help. It will come easily and quickly in the up coming year ahead, but you must ask for it.

Your empathic abilities are ready to be fired up and ignite the grid. What does this mean? Well it is how you’re now are in control of creation again. At the beginning of this great experiment you call Earth, souls agreed to let their spiritual energy step down to align with this lowered construct. So many of “us” have come back together to focus and create change now. It is time.

You are now unified on many levels, even those who didn’t quite get it fully. Aligned with your star family, with your spirit family, with your soul lineage, with Earth, and with the Celestial energies. The grid created this unity, this communication system. You did the work to create the grid.

The firing up of the grid with your empathic, heart centered abilities now works. Allow what is truth and clarity in your heart to reach out to the collective unity consciousness. Allow that essence to join the whole that is you. Not heart to heart, instead heart to the collective consciousness. That is very important to discern. That is the higher frequency you are all working on now.

Placing your focus solely on what is for the greater good of all, doesn’t mean ignoring what needs attention. It does mean you can recognize where creation needs to focus. Think of it this way, you are in the adult stage now. It means you know in your heart that nothing will be the same again. Look issues straight in the eye and be unafraid. Drama is now over, the frequency that it was resonating on is diminished.

2017 is about connections, and the upcoming years ahead will be filled with wonder. What is that saying? “Do good as you do well”. Know that you did!

This was from Aza, Ezajabah, and Ezekiel.