Eant – December 4th 2016

I was struggling with a starting point for the conversation with Eant.  Obviously, I don’t type up everything we have talked about.  I connect with him again at the time when I sit down to compose and then I just go with what I recall or what he draws my attention too.

This time I just asked him where to start, and hoped that we would end up talking about time like we did the other night.  He steered us in the direction of perceptions instead.

Lois: Where should I start Eant?  I am struggling because there is so much!

Eant:  It’s not that things have actually changed, it is just that your awareness has changed.  Too illustrate, the Earth is not all of a sudden going to be moved, re-positioned in a different dimensional space.  It is your perception that has expanded on your command, to include, what is already there all around you – in the first place.  You now include the 4thdimensional realities in your consciousness.  You are beings created by a multidimensional universe.  You are multidimensional-source beings that chose to fall in consciousness and then work your way back up to where you were in the first place.  
 You will come back to the “Grace” eventually but when it happens, you will be including the experiences and knowledge of the journey you all took.

Quite fascinating actually, I am not capable of what you are doing, but I enjoy the view.  (Eant shifted his colors and laughed.)  You are my favorite reality TV show.

So back to the fall in consciousness because this is very important.  You had imposed rules upon yourself so that you would only be perceptive of 3rd dimensional space.  We are talking about frequencies here as opposed to traveling to a different reality or place in dimensional space.  (He chuckled) The Earth is not going to travel.

Lois:  That is kind of a big bombshell there Eant… Thank you.

Eant: Nods

E – aunt – phez – e – aus.  (E -Auntfezzeous).

Lois:  Is that your full name?

Eant:  Yes as close as I can come to an English pronunciation. (Again, he showed me the geometric shape that was actually his name – it is not 3rd dimensional so I can’t draw it).

Lois:  Thank you. 

Does it matter what one person does, when you are talking about being in Unity consciousness?  Or does the individual become lost in a sense.

Eant: Yes, it matters.  In Unity consciousness, you are still talking about individual personal realities.  Feeding into the collective whole.  The difference now is that you are able to influence in real time.  You need to be constantly aware of this.  You need to be multidimensional in your thinking and know what the mass conscious projection is trying to manifest.  You want to be in alignment not opposition.
That is why your level of consciousness is elevating.  You need the higher faster vibrational energy so that you can be multifaceted in real time.

How will this play out in the long run?  You will be able to see ahead of yourself eventually.  You will know if you are journeying into an area that will produce a desired result or not.  Then make the course correction changes to the thought manifestation you are involved in.  Groups will form by the time you are in the 5th dimensional space.  That way you won’t have to focus broadly – instead you can be in the area of your interest, your passion.  Say, as an example, you are a musician.  You can be engaged in a 5thdimensional manner, in music – in all of it’s forms.  You will not have to worry about agriculture though, that is someone else’s interest.  No more starving artists.  (I laughed).
Knowledge and enlightenment equates to freedom for all of you.

Now yes, there are still many people on Earth at this time, (December 2 2016) who are not there yet.  It is a sink or swim proposition.  You will either get with the program or at the end of your life go on to another place, in time or space, where you can continue to develop and grow.  That has been accommodated for, and why from my perspective many people will be leaving in order for the agenda to complete.  We have spoken of this in the past – a lot of people are leaving.  Some for spiritual evolution and rebirth to a new form.  Merging of souls.  Others are just not ready yet.  Those are the ones who will make the biggest change when they leave and take their lowered energy with them.
Don’t forget that time as you perceive it, on this date, is still in the 3rd dimensional frequency.  That will be one of the last things to shift for all of you.

Lois: Yes, I have come to accept that, and feel comforted that there is really no wrong or right here.  In the end, we will all be where we are meant to be in this agenda.

4th dimensional space is our class room for what is to come, our training grounds for what we will be capable of in our future.  What is going on right now is the reflection of this training am I correct?  We are trying to figure things out?

Eant: Yes, that is correct. You’re learning to walk in the new frequencies and there is a lot of “ops – I fell down” along the way.  I have seen all of you learn a lot in a very short time.  Remember to give yourself credit.  It is hard for me, things like despair are not part of my perception.  So, I puzzle on that emotion when I see you express it.  I often mutter to myself, “Change the outcome – stop thinking that way”. Alas no one hears me.  (laughs).

Lois:  I try to listen.  (smiles).  I just remembered you told me that your name is a creation symbol… is there any benefit for me saying it out loud?  In English?

Eant:  Not as much as if you could create the symbol… but that is the differences between our dimensional reality.  In your terms, I am in the 9th frequencies, and full functionality here is very different.  Language here is all about creation so my name is me, and I am what creates what you would consider natural science… I am one of many who participate in this.  My focus inside of this category, is the experiment you are all a part of at this time, remember?  That is for another day though.  Let’s see if we can get you riding a bike in 5th dimensional space first before you try and understand the 9th.  (I heard an old fashion bike bell when he said that).

Lois: OK so one of the things we were discussing the other night was to do with time. I am hoping I can get you to explain it all to me again.  I believe the discussion was on merging aspects and healing of trauma.  Do you know what I am asking you to explain?

Eant:  Yes, we were talking about time as a variable and how for some of you this means you are going through a period of unknowing.  So, let me explain as best as I can.

In the 4th dimension you are all releasing trauma.  Some of this is from your individual experiences and some of it is from collective experience.  Some of the trauma goes beyond into other lives on other time lines and planets.  There is a variety of trauma.

If we understand that in order to evolve beyond the 3d frequencies, we need to heal from them, then the idea of resolving and releasing trauma does make sense.  Now what you and I were talking about was one step beyond this into the realm of variable time.

Reincarnation is firmly rooted in lower and slowed energies.  It means that you get to take longer to learn, and you therefore get to make more mistakes.  (I understood the term mistakes to mean as we judge them, not as a God like entity judges them – Lois). Life lines that are heavy with reincarnation have a system which in fault creates trauma.

Most of you who were born prior to 1999 on Earth are in the process of doing a merging of aspects while you heal from the trauma.  You are merging your other lives as you resolve them.  This is normally shifted and taken care of in between lives.  You chose to be here in this time reference, so that you could partake in it happening in a different manner.  You are doing it while still in physical form.

Are you still with me?  Am I remembering all that we talked about?

Lois: Yes, and I have had part of this this information from my guides also.

Eant:  Yes, I remember that being why we started talking about it originally.

So, the unique resolution and growth is now because you have absorbed other lives, and other aspects individually while in the physical.  This is also happening in the collective.  So, the Akashic records are also resolving with you.  Those who completed this task are in a different version of this journey.
Simply put as I and your guides have said before the only way to change frequencies from the 3rd to 4th dimensions are to heal the lowered and slowed energies.  The only way to even make it to the 5th dimension frequency to come is to evolve completely and totally on all levels in all ways.

This type of evolution results in an unknowing of what was before.  You are cancelling things out by completing the lessons.  That is the healing that is taking place.  It is transforming who you are.
Thus, time is now variable.  It won’t be fixed from now on unless you chose to stay in 3d space and leave this journey.

I am so fascinated by all of this, because it is so far from my reality… yet I am evolving with you because of it and the ripple it has into our galaxy.

Lois:  Thank you Eant.  Yes, you covered exactly what we had been talking about recently.  (so many visuals went with this explanation.  When Eant becomes passionate in his discussion it goes right back to a non-verbal from of communication.) 

Ok now that we took the discussion into the deep realms I feel a need to lighten it up again.
Eant: Oh, but there we are on the differences between out emotional states.  To me this was light, and pleasurable to discuss.  I could talk about it more.

Lois: Yes, I know, but I need to take it in bits and pieces still in order to keep my feet on the ground my friend.

Eant: (It sounded like he said “Bah!”)

Lois:  *smiles

What about the other life forms on Earth?  Are they going through changes too?

Eant: Your conscious awareness of them is changing – your understanding of them is evolving.  Remember they do not have life spans as you do, and they function in a different or elevated emotional state already.  So, the distance in consciousness is not the same as you need to travel.
A fish perceives the world in a completely different way from you.  Your terms and definitions do not apply to them.

Lois: Are we then part of a deeper understanding of these other life forms?

Eant:  Yes you are part of that.  All other life forms.  Acknowledgement of all life that shares this planet with you is going to come back into your perception too.  But I can see you are tired.  Shall we stop for now?

Lois: that is probably best otherwise I am going to start to wonder what is happening to the Sasquatch and Loch-ness monster as we change frequencies.

Eant: (he laughed at me) Alright