A rescue course where the Tri-feild meter laughs at us

I have been teaching the Rescue Mediumship here to some ladies and we use several tools while working.  One I have included since I got it, is the Trifield meter.

I have been teaching this craft while on site in consultations.  We stopped for lunch during the onsite visit we did on March 19th and Donna set the Trifield meter in the center of the dining room table.  It started sounding off in this pattern that I have never heard before.  It had been going on for a few minutes before we thought to record it.

I thought you would enjoy hearing it interacting with us in this manner.

Some back ground because you will hear me talk of it on the recording.  We had discovered a being on her property that we all thought looked like a Gnome.  I was calling him Mr. Bilbo.

There are so many fairy folk here on Newfoundland – they are everywhere.  However sometimes you find them in pockets.  I am including a fairy tree ring that is down the road from the house we were in when this happened.​​  The pocket we were in that day is Harbor Grace NL.

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