January 19th 2021, a new beginning

Introduction to podcast and up coming events

Hello Everyone:

I am making some changes to my online presence this year, moving away from social media and towards a platform that aligns with me energy. This podcast is going to be announcing these changes, and giving you all something to look forwards too.

Rev. Lois Gueret


2021-01-14 12.22 – A new beginning

[00:00:00] Hi, welcome to the introduction to my podcast series. And changes to my website, my name’s Reverend Lois Gueret, and I’m a metaphysical minister spirit, medium paranormal consultant. And as of 2021, I can add author to that list of things because I’m finally published. In this introduction, I want to talk about some changes I’m making to my online presence.

But first, I need to talk about the process that I’ve gone through to decide on those changes over the last three years or more; we have had some sort of censorship taking place on the internet. But it’s really come to a head as of 2020; it’s led to a lot of strife and division, it’s added uncertainty to the world in general. And, of course, the general [00:01:00] population is stressing out over that uncertainty too.

As a society and culture, it’s been really joyful to have an online presence through social media. We have all expanded our contacts, friendships, mutual support, networking, shared knowledge, and so on. However, the downside is exposure and risk, and at times some really negative stuff.

And I won’t get into this at this point, it will be for later on, but I also think that what we’re changing into is a more, um, Social currency environment. And that social network is going to play a big part in that. So you’re going to see more extremes. You’re going to see more people being punished for actions taking place on social media or privileges withdrawn. That’s a better way to put it privilege withdrawn.

So I don’t regret the adventure I’ve had since the beginning. [00:02:00] Which for me was online gaming. Believe it or not. And Myspace. Yeah, I’m that old – (laugh) Myspace. Right from the get-go, however, in 2021, I became more peaceful with one thought, it was time for a change again.

And I set a goal to let go of social media, the social media model. This means leaving Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, things like that.

In its place, I’m going to focus on my website, being the hub of my online presence. So I’m not going to stop being online. I’m just not going to be a part of this social media craziness anymore.

Through that hub, I’m going to be on platforms through podcasts, videos, educational material, et cetera. I will also have a marketing focus to sell the book and to look at more sustainable means of earning money that I have right now. I’m researching how to use Patreon or its equivalent.

I call this change a move to private [00:03:00] sites and paid content.

I’m giving myself an entire year to make the change because nothing happens quickly with me anymore. My website will be under construction during this time. I’m creating a place to put my content. To keep it the same as it’s been when I was on social media – with the input and comments from others, uh, giving people a place to post themselves.

So it can continue to be interactive.  I’m going to have it membership-driven so that you can receive updated emails and newsletters and know where to find my expressions, and know where to find all the content.  I have another motivation behind these changes that I’m going to be talking about in the podcasts.

My health has taken a dive since 2019, and I’m struggling to redefine it. Redefining what healthy is for me. Social media needs to go. I’m too sensitive to everything I need to manage my time and my sacred [00:04:00] space in a manner that promotes my journey. This way, I can be what I need to be, to be in service, and to fulfill my purposes for still being here.

So part of what I’m going to be doing on my website is talking and writing about this to – my health journey. The approach that I’m taking, what’s working, what’s not working.  I’m going to be really candid and crass about it. It’s going to include my spiritual point of view, um, dealing with my empathic struggles, and the way that I’m taking the approach to creating better health, which does include having medicine or the medical health community involved. So – some of the directions I’m planning to create on my website are: all things woo-woo, of course, shamanic coaching, and metaphysical growth.

A detailed and in-depth support system for empathic sensitivities and growth.  [00:05:00] Contact with ET’s or what myself and others are calling other-dimensional beings. And that’s going to include teaching support, discussions, interviews with experts. It’s my firm belief that 2021 is going to be the year of official contact or, at the very least, instead of it just being covered up, the things that our so-called government deals with – the common people, that will be the ones involved in the contact

I’m going to include Meditations.

Acknowledgement of the authentic, feminine, and masculine intelligence. Now, this is something that I’ve been experiencing and have some pretty set in my ways, ideas about. So I’m going to be talking about that.

Dealing with death and ways to look at it – for everyone to have support with death. To bring death out of the closet. You know, we need to have open, honest, candid discussions about. It [00:06:00] needs to become a part of a life.

Dream Recall. Now I’ve had quite a bit of experience with this since 2016 – when I said  I want to make this happen for me.  So I’m going to talk about my experiences. I’m going to talk about methods, possibly interview some people.

I’m going to be talking about the book and upcoming books. I’m going to be writing more articles and getting them published. And of course, making them available to you through the website. And like, I’ve been saying podcasts, videos, interviews, et cetera. And all of these are going to be set up on platforms like Spotify.

The first podcast series I’m going to create this year is called ‘FIFTEEN.’ It’s a point-counterpoint interview that lasts 15 minutes. The plan is to have others join me in exploring a topic from two opposing points of view. I want to focus on the controversial side of [00:07:00] topical issues and, of course, bring my own spiritual focus to the table.

So the plan is to, uh, give myself and the invited guest, seven minutes each. So the one minute will be there for introductions and a quick short goodbye. So I’m hoping that after you listened to this 15 minutes, you will feel inspired to make a comment below, in the comments section. And then the discussion that will ensue will be where the really gritty, enjoyable side of the whole thing will be.

 I hope to see you all during this journey with me, and I look forward to your feedback. I also hope that you can come and shape our future together. Thank you.

Rev. Lois Gueret


Spotify, and Myspace.

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