Do you believe that there is two frequencies of death?

Do you believe that there are two versions of death? One is higher vibrational and one is a lowered frequency?

Inviting death in


I woke up to reality and invited death in.

“You can come in,” I said, “but you must keep your distance for now.”

“Sit in the corner.” I ordered

And Death did.

“Then, when, and only when, I can see you as just a transition in life,

A waiting sense of peace,

A means to hold my loved one in grace,

You can leave that corner.” I spoke.

“I will test you,

Keep my eye on you” *using my two fingers to point at my eyes and then point at death.

“The people in this household will live, feel joy, and dance despite you” I puffed up my shoulders.

“We will eat, drink and laugh at Kim’s Convenience Store till our stomachs are sore,

Any guests in this house will sit safe in sacred space, casual and in comfort.”

I took one step forward, “I will watch till I see you wake up to reality,

the spark of life, the creator, the all that is!” I did a little dance in the face of death.

“And when that flows through you,” I concluded, “then and only then – you can leave that corner

and we will go together into the next.”

Rev. Lois Gueret

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