A year of Innovation, Feb. 2nd 2021



I wanted to talk to you, my audience, about some changes that have happened lately. My recognition of them started on February 1st, 2021. For those of you who don’t know me, I’m a Reverend Lois Gueret. I’m a spirit medium and paranormal consultant.  I have quite a few different abilities, and one of them is channeling.

So the change that’s happened to me recently has been to do with the way that information is coming to me and where it’s coming from.

With hindsight, I recognize this as being something I’ve struggled with – probably for most of 2020, and probably a little bit into 2019 too. So it’s a big epiphany, or it’s a big deal for me, that I can actually recognize now what it is that’s going on and have brought through some information that’s valuable – for you guys.

So, um, the actual well title of this podcast is a ‘year of innovation.’ And that’s the name I’ve given the information that’s come through, um, in the beginning of 2021 here. And here’s my best way of explaining it. The changes in the information I got and putting it into one big ball of wax.

Here’s how it’s worked for me.

Part of my mediumship abilities are to have a tangible presence on different levels. So I call it by-locate, or I can project or travel to the different realms.  I have them labeled the astral realm, the celestial realm, um, the etheric realm. I can travel to these places.  The gateway for me is partially due to my training, and that is that I use my energy body and my chakras to locate where I’m going. So I think that’s where I tethered to when I’m traveling in this manner.

These are different levels of consciousness or energy paths that I’m talking about. And I’ve been going to the celestial realm, which is what I’m going to be talking about here, since 2014, uh, when I was introduced to some chakra changes that are going on in our energy bodies. And I talk about that in my book.

Right now, when I located my spirit in the celestial, when I’m doing this traveling with meditation, and so on, I’m filled with innovation. Uh, this to me is a certain type of creation and manifestation that deals with engineering, what is needed for now and for the future. It’s like building a road that we’re going to walk on into the future to get where we’re going as a culture and as a species. It’s an innovation road.

It’s available for everybody just because the few who are journeying to this realm are creating enough of a connection.

So, I just know that it’s not the entire population that’s been doing this work for quite a while, probably longer than I have, or in some cases shorter than I have. Have been using out-of-body experiences, psycho navigation, astral, travel, whatever you want to call it. Uh, spirit walking to the celestial realm.

Now, this used to be predominantly the astral-realm and, with the energy changes that we’re going through, and the shifting from the third dimension with our final destination being in the fifth. It is pertinent that we learn, while we’re in this life, to journey to the higher realms, instead of being, at the bottom of the spiritual aspects with the Astral.

So Celestial is the one that I would consider next up from that.

It’s available for everyone. Just like I said because those few who are journeying to this realm are creating enough of a connection. Stepping into a collective or a group, Instead of channeling individual spirits. So when I go there right now, and I’m looking at this energy field or force, or, uh, creative force that I’m calling innovation, it’s appearing as a group, collective energy source, for us. And I’m communicating directly with that. Instead of communicating with a guide, or with somebody who’s crossed over recently, or an angel. It’s a direct communication with that. And I’m going to credit the empathic work that we’ve all been doing globally to have created this. It’s an interesting and different twist on the idea of communication mediumship skills and channeling.

I also think that this is, um, now it could be getting some bad press right now, but I’m not focusing in on that. I think this is because of the 98% movement and how it’s been affecting people on a metaphysical level.  So instead of being focused on the 1%, having the control, it’s kind of like waking up and saying, Hey, wait a minute, our numbers significantly bigger. Why can’t we have an influence for a change?  

This field and all the other ones that are probably going to pop up over the year will remain close to universal consciousness. So it’s a higher vibrational field.  It’s not mucky at all. There’s no negative, misinformed, malformed intentions in there. Not one bit.

It’s not necessarily a field of intention. It’s a field of information to do with innovation. Because of the closeness to this higher vibration, you will also see other worlds and other realms in there. So there’s information to do with other dimensions, other realms, other worlds. Like a massive library of ‘All That Is.’

It’s really quite cool.

The access is immense, and it’s limitless. Uh, you can work on your personal pursuits, so you can bring it down to something that’s finite, uh, your personal truths. You can apply your faith into this, the God of your understanding. So it is interdenominational

You’re going to see a boom in innovation this year, not necessarily in technology, but on all levels of community. This explosion will be exponential in some ways. When we entered into discontent and change due to the pandemic, we created a space for this to happen.

The void that was created by what needed to stop globally is in need of filling up also globally. So there’s space for this innovation that wasn’t there before. And I hope that comes through in a way that you guys can understand what I’m trying to say. There’s a lot of things that changed, a lot of things that stopped, and now’s the time to fill them back up.

So on a more specific level, there’s a big void in the economy. We need to engage in creating what is next. Being mindful and don’t buy into anything you feel is fake or anything that has the wrong intention to it. And you won’t find any of those in this field. It’s, it’s quite amazing. Um, so you can develop a level of trust with communicating with it.

There’s nothing in there that’s trying to hurt or harm.

Innovation will be applied to culture – to! Expression of arts is still very much part of humanity. This is important. I can’t emphasize how important this is. The beauty way. It’s, it’s so important. How are we gathering culture? How we express it, how we share it are all on the table in this innovation

Community is built on those things.  Our technology, our lifestyle, the things that we need to function as far as our living spaces, our expressions, the way that we grow food, this is all an artistic expression. At its fundamental level. And part of the reason why we’re feeling such a disconnect these days is because we’ve lost that. We’ve lost our connection to that natural pattern, that natural rhythm that is the arts.

Health and wellbeing. Oh, a big one for all of us. The importance of immunity, having strong, capable bodies, breakthroughs in medicine and health are rampant right now. And we’re learning fast and hard lessons here. Most of this is re-ignition of our ancestral knowledge, but all of it is new to us who are living right now.

So there are things in the past that were put to the side because they didn’t fit into an economic pattern. What we’re going to be going towards now with health and wellbeing is moving away from the fact that that’s a, it shouldn’t be a monetary system. It’s just like you can’t politicize health. You should not, or we should not have ever made it an economic system. It’s just wrong. Not saying that doctors shouldn’t be paid. I’m saying that there’s no dollar sign that you can put on good health. There’s no dollar sign on longevity. There’s no dollar sign on ending suffering. But yet there is. How did that happen? We need to get rid of that.

So this is a darker way of looking at it, but out of death always comes life. We’re going to be living again. And we’re not really doing that right now. Unfortunately, we’re not living; we’re just managing.

I encourage everybody here to see if you can find what I’m talking about. See if you can locate this place that I’m talking about on the celestial. I would describe this as a morphogenic field, so it’s not based on our intentions. It’s based on a higher vibrational frequency. And this one that I’ve been exploring just now, which is what we’re supposed to be looking at right now, is all to do with innovation.  It’s like blueprints. It’s like, that resonates with us.

Even though it’s a higher frequency when you get in there, you’ll realize, ‘Oh, there’s, there’s really nothing in here that I need to be in fear of.’ It’s all meant to be a toolkit. It’s all meant to be looked at, you project into it, and then you look for the answers that you need.

So I want to encourage everybody with this podcast to step out. Uh, if you have any questions, please feel free to contact me and ask me about it. Um, if there’s something that I said here today that resonates, let me know if there’s something you need more information on. Let me know, and I will do my best to try and guide you in exploring this.

Thank you.