Do you believe in Miracles due to personal experience?

I was listening to an episode of Fade to Black – Jimmy Church, yesterday while driving. It was FADERNIGHT – open lines and that topic was miracles.

In the spring of 2015, I had an unexplained event, an intervention? I should not be alive and no one else was hurt. Here is what happened.

I was returning from a spiritualist church service in Salmon Arm, it was a foggy morning which is often the case at that time of year in that area. I slowed down to make a left turn onto a short cut road and avoiding the busier highway.

I was driving slowly because of the fog and paused for a long time to look and listen – the window was open. I was positive that the lane was clear so I started to turn. Then out of the fog was a vehicle going probably 100 kph straight at me. All I had time to say was, “sorry” I closed my eyes fully expecting this to be it, I am not going to survive this.

I exhaled and nothing happened. It was impossible but I was on the other road, and I pulled over shaking. I even got out of the car because I thought the vehicle must have veered off the road! I had my cell phone ready to call 911. But there was nothing there. No sound, just fog and quiet.

There was not enough time for that car to have swerved around my SUV without ending in the ditch at that speed. The only thing I can think of was it passed right through me. After I confirmed that the other car was not in the ditch, I sat for about 15 minutes in the SUV just trying to calm down and accept what had just happened.

I want to ask, do you have any stories of miracles you might have experienced in your life? I have more than this, like one time I had ‘something’ save my life when I fell into the water …

I have had human angels that looked after me in times of need, and I have had the opposite occur, where I was in the right place at the right time to help someone in need. Or been guided to help, by the divine.

Please share your stories. We are in need of miracles!

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