Canadian Society of Questers Fall conference news.

June 2021

This is copied from my email and I wanted to share it as Grant Cameron is going to be at the online Fall conference this year.

June 2021

Fellow Questers,

Happy Summer Solstice! I love the light and do hope you are also enjoying it.

How is your subtle sensing going? Our wonderful journal editor Brenda Stewart of Vancouver has produced a stellar journal for our Summer solstice edition of The Quester, How To Sense Energy. Go to:  Big thanks to Brenda for her hard work, and to Barbara Botham and Joan Sturdy for their assistance to Brenda. Remember this is OUR journal. Please consider offering up your expertise, testimonials and other fascinating tidbits for our beloved Quester members to learn from.

Rob Cheyne, our loyal webmaster, has created a page in the Members Only section of the website to host our instructional Dowsing Videos. Unfortunately last years’ dowsing instructor and CSQ member Vlasty Stenovsky was unable at this time to produce some beginner dowsing videos; however, we anticipate his valued contribution to this resource page in the future for our members to practice and learn about dowsing.

In lieu in Vlasty’s expertise, and in the interests of making this information available, I created several short introductory videos that provide an overview of dowsing with no expertise whatsoever. In addition, this year’s dowsing instructor, CSQ member Merope Gervais, has also produced several short advanced dowsing videos which I highly recommend for all to be inspired in your dowsing. Rob has hinted that he may create a video documenting how he uses dowsing on the land at his work… also we can look forward to uploading more dowsing instruction from our beloved blog master and board member Glen Livingstone. 

Entering a New Paradigm is the title of our 2021 annual Fall Conference and we are looking forward to hosting one of CSQ’s best conferences ever. Unfortunately we have to host the conference online again this year, due to circumstances beyond our control of which you are all familiar, so we shall miss the living transmission of energy we usually experience at a CSQ fall conference. Nevertheless, this conference will be absolutely excellent! And the advantage of hosting it online is that you can watch it again at your leisure, share your favourites with your friends and family, and enjoy the whole thing from the comfort of your home absolutely free to all members.

As a quick preview, we will feature Canadian Shaman of many traditions Trent Deerhorn of Saskatoon. Probably the #1 Canadian UFologist and respected internationally for his research, Grant Cameron will join us with the latest updates in the UFO world and the changing consciousness unfolding now on planet Earth. Crystal expert and past popular CSQ presenter Kirby Seed will present. Maggie Reigh, highly respected for the genuine and deep help she gives people, will be speaking on Freedom From Pain and Struggle. And, most importantly, two of our very many knowledgeable CSQ members, Merope Gervais and board member Richard Mciver will be presenting as well.

Do enjoy this month’s Quester! As soon as we receive all the details from this year’s conference presenters, it will uploaded to for your convenience. Please invite friends to join CSQ as a member for $45/year to receive these and many other benefits. The conference begins September 16th, 2021 and continues weekly until the last  Thursday evening in October.


Jacquelyn Rose

CSQ president”

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