So what is the effective solution?

So what is the Effective Solution?

Do you walk away or leave? Do you use your wisdom and Grace to stand in authenticity?

Do you fight back? Is there ever ONE true and right solution or is it just a matter of ‘in the moment’?

2 thoughts on “So what is the effective solution?

  1. Jeannie Martin

    This world situation (the big picture) is changing every day. Beyond everything, I believe we must maintain our personal freedoms of discernment, open dialogue and choice. There is more than coincidental evidence that something is causing division between people in a way I have never seen before. We must keep talking and listening to each other…remembering to not only hold those freedoms above all else and allowing others to do the same. I have so much more to say but this shall suffice for now. Thanks, Lois! Great to have an open forum like this.