elderly people toasting

On Pondering Community


Today I am pondering community. I want to express my understanding of our communal experience. So I hope that this podcast will come out to acknowledge our needs and ambitions while at the same time it is reassuring everyone; I am not taking sides.

I know the result of family and friends gathering in celebration from my personal history. The release of endorphins, the love shared, the acknowledgement received. So important for the younger members of the family. Often our place in society is found with these community events. Being able to expand beyond our families while being supported by family is fundamental in our global culture. I frankly think this is a part of how the human race has evolved and survived all this time. As David Bryne’s says, those communal experiences allow us to transcend, even if it is just in the moment.

Alone with your spouse for months or years doesn’t quite cut it. Feeling the division and public gas-lighting going on adds to the malaise. Our spirits are suffering from all of this. Crazy making is what I call it. The only way I can see my way through to the other side some days is to completely withdraw from that which doesn’t serve my soul anymore. Even those who have always put their jovial foot forward are now hesitant to laugh; at least, it leads to some cruel misunderstanding.

What are we doing to each other, and why are we doing it?

My intention for the late fall and winter is to engage with the communal experience as I define it. Not as the media or the misguided are portraying it. I won’t put my head in the sand, yet I will have excellent discernment on what serves me and what doesn’t. I will not stand out in the crowd but instead, blend into it by managing rules of engagement in my informed consented way. Why? Because it is time to embrace living rather than being focused on suffering or negativity.

As a spirit medium, I have always had a different view of life and death. I don’t think any one-force or sentience has control over either. I believe it is the best guess, and we decide – at the moment, what is going to happen. I want to have strong immunity and good health now more than ever before, and I know that includes intellectual, emotional, and spiritual components that equal my physical capabilities. That is why strong immunity is essential.

The one thing that is gone from my life is and will continue to be ‘stress.’ Enough of that crap. I will use new words, and I will influence the Universal Consciousness. Words or phrases are powerful medicine. The new words I can use(to name a few) are studious; compassionate; frank; sincere; honest; emotionally mature; spontaneous; grounded; taking a pause; dance break; member of my inner circle; walking in the sunshine; loving the rain; listening to the wind speak, and being open changing my mind; etc. All of these can grow out of the one term, ‘stress.’

My community will walk and journey with me as I will with them. Inclusion, commune, sharing are replacing anything resembling division. Please take time to nurture your community. Be without limits as you do so. The seeds being harvested this fall for planting in the spring of 2022 are the roots of our future. But, there is so much more going on – embrace all of it.

(Originally I was going to add a video clip from CBS Sunday Morning, where David Byrne talks about the need for social gatherings. It resonated so much with me.) But, unfortunately, his original video clip has been removed from the internet. So all we are left with is the text version, and you can find it here.