Gathering of the Eagles – Center of the Universe

I will be doing CE5 events at night at the Gathering of the Eagles, again this year. Here are the details if you are interested in attending. It is at a retreat center, Vidette Lake in BC

Welcome to the Summer Solstice Gathering of the Eagles 2022. Only a short time left until we all join together at the center of the universe.

We’re so very excited. Over the next couple of weeks we are solidifying the plans as well as food and assigning accommodations.

Last week we added another presenter, Quinten Fast. He will be guiding us through the 13 moon calendar. It offers a new way to experience time & connects us to the intrinsic harmonic cycles of nature. 

For those looking to explore what is currently planned, go to

Next week, the specific nodes will be assigned to participants and further housekeeping details will be shared.

We still have a few spots that haven’t been claimed yet. If you know someone who would resonate with the event please let us know and we will connect with them.

The power of place, time and frequency is unprecedented. We look forward to what comes next when we gather as Eagles.

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