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Controversy and Confirmation Part Four: An exploration on all forms of disclosure.

I have no idea there was going to be a part four of this series, but here is it with a few other links of importance included below.

Enjoy In Joy

Controversy and Confirmation Part Four: An exploration on all forms of disclosure. July 14th 2023

Dr. Aseem Malhotra published ground breaking information on the over use of Statin Drugs. Here is his clinical information and personal experiences on the Jab.

Address from July 9th 2023, for the Spiritualist Church of Salmon Arm.

I invite Universal Understanding – Source energy, to bless us all today. We ask for forgiveness and offer ourselves up to the wisdom that is all that is. I open up sacred space for all of you reading this, a great big bubble of love and light that resonates with Joy. Thank you to The Spiritual Church of Salmon Arm for this opportunity to write this for you and for taking the time on your Sunday to read it. And so, it is.

I want to talk about how none of us are alone. Those awful days, weeks, etc., are being experienced by all of us. Not just one of us. We have a collective energetic connection even when culture wants us to feel divided. Even though those days do not happen all at once to “all” of us, we are never alone. You can choose to understand that; trust me, it helps.

Let me explain. I spent a good three years, from 2018 to mid-2020 feeling overwhelmed. My husband Robert had a cardiac event that led to him discovering he had one complete blockage and 70 to 80 % blockages in all his heart arteries. So, we did probably all the things that anyone would do. We had just settled back in BC, so we found a doctor, and we were blessed to get a fantastic one. We followed up with all that she referred us to. We were gob-smacked by how long it took to progress while at the same time overwhelmed by all the information.

So, a lot of information, few solutions.

We explored alternative medicine to support what was happening medically. Supplements, Naturopath, homeopathic, energy healing. All of that.

To keep this short, in the end, what was happening was just what was happening. None of the treatments work. His bypass surgery failed. Robert is now retired early on disability.

How many of us can speak of times in our lives that were like this? Lots of information, little solution. How many of us surrendered to this, and that is how our lives moved forward towards quality again. You are not alone; all of this can seem overwhelming at any moment in our day-to-day lives. It can make us depressed and anxious. It is a miracle that any of us can function, right?

I am not sure that I have the complete solution to the problems in the world, but I can help you with a few tips on how to manage the ones in your life. As promised, the first one is that you are not alone.

Many years ago, I took a parenting class to examine my problems as a wife and parent. They immediately made it abundantly clear that taking a course like this was 50% of the solution. That asking for help and asking for support is the first step. You are not alone, you can ask for permission, and you can give consent to interactions. Successful people always know when to ask for support.

Find your tribe, that group of people who know you already. Being understood is always important. If you have this, you will not feel like giving up. Your tribe will help you when you get stuck in the stress cycle, feeding in on your problems. You will know you are not alone because your tribe will remind you.

This next one I am sure you will have heard me speak of before, take time to connect to nature in your community. Rewild yourself. Talk to the trees, take your worries to the river, and look for the creator in the sunset. Nature reminds us about balance. Night and day, soft and hard, yin and yang in every moment. It does take practice and work to live a life of balance, especially when everything that is going on. Having Non-Human intelligence to communicate with works wonders. It will ask nothing of you and be your soft place to fall.

I have had times when I have stood on a lake shore all alone and punched at the water with my hands to relieve my stress cycle. I have also sat in my car at the far end of a parking lot to scream – I made sure no one could hear me. I have watched the sun go down and cried like a baby as my spirit reconnected to my soul on a day that I was so lost.

Rewild yourself – breath in living air, allow your shoes to get wet in the river, your hair to tangle in the wind, and the forest’s silence to bring back your voice. When you enter this healing space, remember that you are not alone, there is a collective energetic connection. You can join in that connection and send healing to others in need. As we are all in this mess together, know that when you hear of tragic news happening in other parts of the world or other Canadian cities, you can make a difference by remembering you are not alone. You can promise to send out love and light to everyone in need and receive the love and light you need in your tough moments.

Rev. Lea Walters.

Nightbirde Quote:

  • You are so much more than the things that happen to you
  • You can’t wait until life is not hard anymore to be happy.

The Nightbirde song. “It’s Ok”

Nightbirde Jane Marczewski December 29, 1990 – February 19, 2022, age 31. Even though Nightbirde is no longer in the physical plane with us, I see her as a member of my tribe. 

My favorite Spotify channel at this time. Please check it out as it is full of otherworldly musical sentients.

Subscribe to Dr. Greer’s YouTube channel and find a CE5 group near you.

Here are the two best Steven Greer interviews from this year.

What is a Targeted individual and could you be one? What measures can you take so your quality of life returns to you. I am working hard on creating a course to come out this September that will cover this topic. I have some news or share with you, moved if us are effected by area electronic weapons, and a large percentage of us are affected by direct energy weapons. Here is the list of counter measures I have listed in my book “Oh F#%k you mean there’s more?! An intrepid guide to spiritual evolution.”

My list of countermeasures

Knowledge and disclosure

Talk to everyone who is interested and tell them about your experiences. Listen to everyone about their experiences. Journal, be involved in your local council and your town because you can make a big difference in opening everyone’s eyes to what is going on. I sometimes talk out loud when I am alone in my house, saying things like, “No, you are not allowed to target me, and I will tell everyone what is going on.” I blog, talk, email, and journal – and write books. Everyone I know knows what has been going on with me. As a result, I am rarely targeted these days, and when I am, it is as a part of the general population.

The prayer

I say this prayer at least once a day and sometimes repeat it as needed. I permit my spirit guides, angels, celestial beings, and star family to listen to my thoughts and act on my behalf for the greater good. I ask that you end all attacks on my being and my home immediately, including energy weapons, psychotronics, scalar weapons, mind control, and manipulation. Thank you, thank you, thank you. I often say this after doing an energy cleansing and grounding meditation during my morning routine; I often do this in the shower.


As important as the prayer, chanting and toning will change your vibration while aligning you to the authentic self. Do this as often as needed. It is just as effective to chant silently in your head even for a minute as it is to do so out loud, so you can take a moment in the middle of your workday to practice this.


There are several methods of finger placements or tapping all of us need to learn. I recommend Emotional Freedom Technique, Geotran, and listening to what your guides tell you to do. I have channeled instructions through tapping in the past that were invaluable and helped me transcend during difficult periods in our evolution.

Munay-Ki rites

The Munay-Ki rites are the ‘Energy of love’. “Munay” in Quechua means “love and will,” and “ki”, from the Chinese word for energy. The Munikay is a series of nine empowerment rites, created by Alberto Villoldo and based on the initiatory practices of the Q’ero shamans of Peru. Find someone who can teach you these rites, as they will help you protect your energy in many situations. Easy to learn, they also involve a deep cleansing so you can reset and then move forward. These rites will ensure you can use your abilities and talents safely without restrictions.

Crystals and crystal grids

I wrote about grids and crystals in the previous chapter but want to bring them up in this one again. Structure, routine, and practice are very important as we move forward in our spiritual evolution. You don’t need to spend 100s of dollars, in fact, using river rocks would work. Research and find a grid pattern that works for you and your situation. Grid your home, property, and work area if at all possible. Why do crystals work? For one reason, they assist us in having a vibrational frequency that prevents lowered and slowed energy from influencing us.

Protect your Spirit Star

I mentioned this earlier. This new chakra is vulnerable to shadow technology. It is time to learn how to protect it, by making sure to set the intention to protect it.

From the book! – (A softer grounding point: The Earth Star
Just below your feet, where your energy merges in the energy imprint of
Gaia, is the newly recognized major chakra. It has been there for a long time, however it activated completely when we left the third dimension and entered the fourth. For those of you who do healing with energy work, acknowledging this chakra is important. This is the new grounding point for everyone now and into the future. Changing how we ground ourselves. You no longer need to go deep, creating roots to the center of the planet. All that is needed is a conscious connection to this chakra. By surface grounding, you will be frequency focused on the upper chakras, the ones from the heart up. In the past, we were focused on the lower chakra frequency. (For a complete meditation on this light grounding see page 221). You may have a knowing of when we shifted from a heart-centered astral level manifesting to a higher heart, celestial manifestation.
Resisting this charka purpose and grounding heavily will result in a continued lower chakra frequency focus and hold you back from spiritual evolution. I see this chakra as earthy brown.)


In the past, you had to spend a year activating your Merkabah, or light body. Today you can do this over three to four days. It is by far the best thing you can do. It becomes a part of your daily routine and will change you permanently. Look for an activation class in your area. Daniel Mitel:

Diatomaceous earth/clay/Ormus

Clay is a cleanser you use topically and is what I used to end my biotech attack in 2018. Diatomaceous earth has many uses, from the treatment of high cholesterol to topical treatment for your skin. You can ingest it (in supplement form), or you can put it on your skin. Ormus is similar as it will decalcify your penial gland, improve meditation, and prevent anyone from dumbing you down to delay or stunt your abilities.

Understand disinformation

Pay attention and understand when you are hearing and reading disinformation. Does it resonate with you, or is it just what you are supposed to believe? I no longer have TV cable in my home since 2009. We don’t miss it. All of our entertainment, news, and information are handpicked online. We read the local newspapers and pay attention to information about what is happening in our town by being involved directly. We need to bring back neighborhood gatherings for BBQs and card nights. Remember when we would sit and talk to each other?


In 2018 my guides informed me that ions, the type you get exposed to when standing in front of a waterfall, also cut and eliminate shadow technology. Take a walk to a waterfall near you at least once a month! Not only will the ions help, but the natural EMFs will replenish and revitalize you. I would love to live near a waterfall… and dream of having a piece of property where I could go every morning and sit with my cuppa before I start my day.

Take it to the river

I often advise what I call, ‘Take it to the River.’ Take your troubles and concerns to the river. Leave them there and let the waters wash them away. We live in a society where fears, worries, and stress are put onto us as a means of control. Let that shit go. Gaia has cleansing waters for a reason; she can handle this stuff better than you.

The food you eat and the products you use

Pay attention to what you are eating and what you are exposing yourself to daily. Deodorants, shampoo, makeup, and poor-quality supplements are some of the things you need to consider. Read the list of ingredients and pay close attention to things that have hormones in them. From personal research, I have discovered a lot of hormones in products we use all daily. Get rid of those. Find alternatives and talk to a medical professional who specializes in hormonal balancing. You could be suffering from thyroid, adrenal, reproductive, and endocrine imbalances without knowing it. Imbalances are created by processed foods, meats, environmental pollutants, cleaners, and beauty products, the ones we use every day. Use your economic democracy to change this in the world. Vote by taking your dollars and putting them towards the right alternative.

Tri-field meter

Purchase one of these and put it to use. Lowering or countering the EMFs in your home will increase your wellbeing and eliminate brain fog.

Make your list

List all the ways in which you stay grounded and released from shadow technology. Share this list with all of your woo-woo friends.

The following additions due to experiences in 2023.

I now add rewilding to that list, breathing in living air, talking to trees, allowing nature to be your soft place to fall. Smudge your crown chakra thoroughly every time you smudge, you will be amazed by what is stuck in there these days. Consume more cooked protein/meat and soft cooked foods, fermented foods, and properly filtered water (all of our guts need repairing). Find a way to use copper pyramids tech. Pay attention to the Earth Resonance and the Solar activity, as then you can tell what is effecting you that is beyond your control.

I now have several items for sale, and they will be listed on the site soon. Crystal Grid kits, EMF Grid kits, Smudging kits, Pendulum kits, Paulo Santo and Agarwood products, and kits for making your own Copper Pyramids. I have keep the cost down as much as I can so that those who can benefit from improved heath can access these items.

Researchers uncover signal needed for blood-brain barrier –

A study from the US on a drop in IQ scores.

Here is the Munay – Ki information.

Here is the Tom Kenyon site where he talks about Toning/Chanting.

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