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The Authentic Mystic

There is no way of getting around it now, you have to be authentic in your pursuits on all levels.  You cannot force, deny, or manipulate what is meant to be right now.  You will feel off, lost, and at times in physical pain if you stray from the Authentic Mystic in you.
Steps to aligning the Authentic Mystic:
One:  Embracing the dark side.  Now I know you have heard this over and over again for the last few years but if you have not gotten it by now you will be having serious issues with flow in your life.  Most of us reading this blog have done a great job of bringing the dragons out of the closet and dealing with them – so we will look at how this last month we are in a period of darkness.  The best way to navigate what is going on personally for you with this is to look at what is going on in your life that is troubling you.  Do you have issues with others, issues with labeling, issues with your health, issues with the past coming back two fold?  Whatever is coming up for you right now let’s write it down.
Look or listen to your language you are using to be descriptive.  What does it tell you?  How can you turn this around so you are embracing what is being said.
Two: Unity with your archetypes:  The easiest way to explain this is to see ourselves and being outside of time and embracing you at all stages in your life.  Being the Maiden, Mother and Crone all at once.  Multidimensional in your being – not 3 dimensional.
How is this unity or harmony showing up in your life?  Do you have flashes of the past all of a sudden?  Are you feeling like a different version of you?  Maybe you are easily able to approach your friends or associates the same way you would have when you were 10 or 20 years younger?  Do you relate to an “younger” version of you more than you relate to the “you” in the now?
This is you being outside of time, and in touch with the unity in your being.
Proclamation of Archetypal Unity;
I recognize all of me, the young, middle aged and old.  I value and engage with all these archetypes with my heart mind, with an embrace of the soul.  I am comfortable being the “me” I am now in the 5th dimensional energies.  This is exactly what I need right now, this is what is relevant right now, and I trust my higher self sees the bigger picture while guiding me as I continue to grow and become more than I was yesterday.   Thank you, Thank you, and Thank you.
Three:  Letting go and going farther than ever

before:  We are all extremely capable of a broad range of attributes.  How many of you know this and are not acting on it?  Now is the time to start a new habit.  There is many ways you can do this so let’s discuss a few of them.

1.      Different means or system of connecting to source and grounding to Gaia.  Remember how we talked about the easier connection to the celestial and the ability to create and manifest on that level?  3rd dimensional manifestation was done in the astral realms.  This is the realm right next to our own.  In the 5th dimensional energies we are able to resonate with the higher celestial energies.

  • 3rddimensional energies needed us to be heavily grounded in order to work in manifestation.  5thdimensional energies require that we stretch our consciousness into the celestial.


2.      Unity consciousness.  As we use the “three heart chakra” centers we are all connected with our heart minds now and with that comes a different connection to empathy.  Pity is out, there is no tolerance to others who are still in the pity party.  In place of pity is a higher vibrational form of Empathy that we will call “Communion”.  (As in interchange or sharing of thoughts or emotions; intimate communication.)  This places you in the observer chair.  You know that you do not need to add in drama, you do not need to put your energy in at all unless it resonates with you.  You are extremely aware of your own truth and where you want to place your consciousness and energy.  Self-responsibility, deeper understanding of others is coupled with this change in empathy.
  • As unity continues to grow, we are all going to be very aware of what group we place our self in.  Would you get on the spiritual bus if the driver was not a practiced in spiritualism?  If you are allowing your thoughts to become attached to someone who is in the pity party, are in all ways getting on the wrong bus.  So in order to assist us in going the right way, we have to have a different form of empathy – communion.


We have always been multi-dimensional beings, but now we are capable of understanding and functioning on those multi-dimensions.  If you deny this you will feel off balance.
What if the song “The Gambler” was about spirituality and the journey we are all on?

Paranormal Consultations verses Investigations.

As some of you know I am primarily a Rescue Medium, someone who has the ability to communicate with locations, and things that fall into the paranormal category.  I have seen a definite increase in the demand for this type of service lately – more and more people are having experiences and more and more people are coming out claiming to be investigators in the paranormal.
I come from a Roman Catholic background where there is good and evil, heaven and hell.  Duality and the fight against it is the basis of this belief.  My Grandmother on my father’s side was one of the individuals called when an exorcism was performed in her area of Winnipeg Manitoba.   So when I began this work in my late teens/early 20’s I took a hard line with being’s I “believed” (at that time) to be on the demonic side.  Acting as a medium, I am just the communicator and I work with spirit guides and helpers.  In many cases in the beginning, with the help of those on the other side, many energy beings on the slower lowered side where dealt with in a RC manner.  Banished, sequestered and in some rare cases demolished.
Thirty years have gone by since I began this work.  When I started this was not popular, people didn’t talk freely of their experiences and those who did were looked at with raised eye brows.   Denial of the paranormal was common.  I usually went into to people places and lives to find that there was things going on in many levels – not just the spiritual.  That has not changed.  What has changed is the media coverage of investigators who document the details of their work.
In the past back in the roots of spiritualism were groups of rescue workers who used to meet to take responsibility for the astral realms, doing rescues, clearings and healing – helping people and energy forms to cross over.  You are hard pressed to find these groups these days.  It is a rare thing indeed to find someone who can teach how to do rescue work.
When I see programs on TV, posts or blogs on investigators who go in and purposely provoked and man handle spirit and energy beings these days I cringe.  Yes, that is close to what I used to do but it is not what I do today.  My approach is non-confrontational.
I really believe that energy follows thought, and we are the creators of our reality.  Our culture at times can be a little obsessive with its pursuits.  Sending your energy in an irresponsible way into the paranormal will create a reaction.  All these investigators, and thrill seekers are feeding there energy into the possibilities of what exists.  More evidence is showing up, more people are having experiences, more negative energy is building up in the astral.  The result is going to be the creation of some pretty demoniacal energies – just because of how many people are focused on them being there!
In my thirty years I have had less than a handful of lowered / slowed energy forms where I felt overwhelmed and in trouble.  Fear is a huge issue and a lot of time is spent alleviating fear in others.  I have never met anything I would even term demonic and the rare cases (two in total) of possessions I have encountered turned into the opposite – obsessions.  An Obsession is where the human has actually latched itself to the belief that there is a spirit or entity that means them harm and has attached itself to them, causing behavior abnormalities.  Obsession is what I see most times when I review the famous possession cases too – 99% of the time.
I have dealt with a lot of elementals, misunderstood energy forms, injured earth energies, and beings who are overly protective and come across as ugly because of their needs. Threatening is the best way to bring out the worst in anything.
Beliefs are so important!  If you believe in evil, and the duality of the universe that is going to be what you find.  With my change in methods over the years the thing I have done is “look at the bigger picture”.  Just because I see, sense, or hear something that makes me react in a negative way does not mean it was negative before my reaction.  In fact when I get myself under control, let go of judgements and use discernment instead – I usually have a completely different experience in the end.
Here is a good example.  Recently while at a spiritual event, watching the person give the address I saw something I had a negative or lowered reaction too.  The male giving the address was also sick with a cold – and feeling very out of sorts.  He told all of us he was to have a minor procedure at the hospital the following day and if we could send some healing to him it would be welcomed.  So using my psychic senses I was sitting in the audience sending healing when I saw something that look like this: Not quite a bird – black – very astral that was flitting around his head and shoulders.  I really didn’t like the look of it and was instantly thinking, oh that is an attachment and it is making him sick!
I took a deep breath at that point and remembered my beliefs.  I instantly changed to wanting to communicate with what I was seeing, in an observer way.  My guide smiled, walked up to the astral bird like thing and blew on it.  With that what looked like ashes fell off of it and it transformed into a beautiful blue bird then landing on the presenters shoulder. 
My guide was singing the song “Zip a dee doo dah” – you know the part where it says, “Mister bluebird on my shoulder”  So the end result and after assessment of what I was seeing?  The spirit bird form had come to this fellow to give him healing – at the audiences’ request.  In its work had become covered with all the gunk creating the cold.  I saw it when it was in need of help itself.  If I had not taken the time to properly step into the observers role, take a better look at what was going on – I would have not been witness to this outcome.
I want to see more responsibility as a conclusion of this increased interest.  We need to bring back rescue workers, and rescue circles!   I would love to be able to teach this to all who are interested in the paranormal.  It doesn’t have the drama that attracts the media but it certainly will have a better result in the long run.  Furthermore to all those who are having these increased experiences I really want you to all know “you are in control more than you realize”.
Change the way you look at things and the things you look at change.   It should be a part of every consultation that the client leaves with a tool kit and the ability to deal with that paranormal themselves.

Thinking of doing Spirit Medium work? Here are a few example of how it works for me.

Going beyond the mundane  questions like, “relationships, job, and money” people come to mediums for communication to loved ones who have crossed over.  This can be the most rewarding part of this practice while offering the greatest evidence that there is life beyond death.
It is important to remember that someone coming to you for this type of communication is vulnerable.  So you must be honest but offer them hope and faith that things are all ok.
Depending on the situation and the beliefs of the person who is dis-incarnated what you receive as information will be different.  We create personal reality here and in the beyond.  There is a general guideline however.
Generally you get strong communications from someone within the first three days of passing.  After that they can go off to what I call the learning healing center for anywhere from three months to 3 years.  Then they have a choice to make, to go on to the next step, or to remain in the in between and have contact with the earthly realm and those they love.  Some will reincarnate right away.
This general guide line can be altered by traumatic death, injustice, suicide, mental illness, beliefs or lack thereof, substance abuse, head injuries or illness like dementia.  Souls can become lost, stuck, mentally ill, dark energy, or vengeful.  However I have to say that I rarely encounter souls that need anything more than a gentle nudge.
This general guideline can be also altered by advanced or enlightened souls.  Anyone who has been prepared for the crossing and who has concrete strong convictions about their beliefs will expedite this process.
The variety of outcomes from crossing over can be as big as anything you can imagine.
Communication with the dead then becomes a matter of using your guide or helper so that you get some consistency in symbols used.  This is a good time to talk about some different scenarios and why we use our guides to be the go between in the communication to spirit.
Example one:  A women comes to talk to you about her loved one that committed suicide last month.  Now direct connection to that energy on the other side could feel chaotic, depressed, confused and angry.  An empathic medium does not need to experience that nor become connected to that sort of energy.  What your guide will do instead is use symbology to communicate this state to you.  You may see a black rose to symbolize depression in death, or feel a fuzzy sensation on the right side of your head to let you know it was suicide.  It is up to you to get enough experience doing readings to understand what the symbols mean.
In a sense you are creating your own rune, cards, or Ouija board in the ethereal plane.
Example two:  There are times when you will hear words or phrases; you will see things as if you are watching a TV show or movie.  Your guide will present things to you so that you remain detached spiritually and emotionally.  I often hear words or see a clip from a TV show, or historical event.  Recently during a group reading at a metaphysical store I kept seeing James Dean.  Turns out that was something they had talked about and his way of showing proof that it was him talking.  She asked me about ethnic back ground and I found that confusing – I wanted to say black but his skin was white to me.  I said “Native connection?”  She said no – he was black.  I said but the person I see has white skin.  She laughed and said yes he had white shin but he was from a black back ground.  That was a lesson to me.  Next time I will say, “looks like this (white, black, brown, etc) – but I hear the word (African American, Chinese, etc.)”.
Example three:  My guides will give me a heavy feeling in areas of the body I need to note.  Someone who has died from cancer often presents as a heavy feeling in my upper chest, someone who died of stroke will present as a heavy feeling on one side of my head or the other.   Traumatic death I will see as utter chaos – like a disaster movie clip.  Suicides often come as a list of possible scenarios with the word suicide missing.
Example four:  my guides are very good at privacy, and will only give me what I need to communicate to someone in order to get the point across.  So a husbands who has crossed over – and was unfaithful in life will sometime present as a man standing to with his back to the client and watch other women.  Or for example the word cheat will come on a piece of paper being handed to me.  I will rarely get the sorted details of anyone’s life.  You will find that you spend a lot of time describing what you see – without interpreting it.
Example five:  Again – for me, Grandmothers come forward as the intermediate communicators more often than any other person.  Sometimes it has to go back to Great Grandmothers – but they are usually the ones who step forward to bring someone else to the session.
Example five:  Some spirits do not follow rules.  Not that they are evil just that they can harm without knowing what they are doing.  They will be high energy, demanding, and overly expressive.  They are hard to communicate with when behaving like that.  Best to keep your distance.  Remember that you are the one in control, use your protection, and use your guide.  Last psychic fair I had one that just would not settle down.  The client was desperate to talk to him so I stuck with it.  After all that fuss and time spent it turned out he only had one thing to say.  Once that was put out there he just vanished.  Made me feel bad for the lady – but at least the spirit was restful afterwards.
Please note that you need to use extra caution when doing a reading for someone who is drunk or under the influence, or heavily medicated.  It is always ok to say no I cannot work for you today, come back at another time.
After doing this type of communication you will become known on the other side.  It will lead to an increase in your personal spirit activity.  You can always say, “Make an appointment”.  Take note of people who come to you as you may get the client shortly thereafter.

Lost souls will respond to whatever their belief system was based on.  It is not your job to do the work for them. You only need to contact your spirit guides, deities, helpers on the other side.  They do the work for you.  This keeps you detached and healthy.  At times you will need to have another psychic medium help you through a situation, as we are only human.  Just remember if you can imagine it – the scenario probably exists on the other side.  We will get into this in more detail at another time.
There are more than just five examples of this – but that is as many as we are going to talk about today

Ode to the Few (otherwise titled “A kick in the Paradigm Shift”)

Don’t get me wrong, there are a multitude of amazing people in my life – friends, family, clients, teachers, and healers.   All of them are worthy of gratitude and praise just for simply being who they are.

But today’s blog is about the few.

Yes, you know who you are.  The ill-tempered, “I” centered ones who come across of our paths from time to time.  Those who have not woken up yet!  The ones who test our patience, making us stop and battle with redirecting our angry thoughts.  For me I struggle with thinking, “How dare you be soo sooo……”

 Please refrain from uttering their names while you read.

None of us are perfect, and most of us are very aware of that so do not think I am pointing the fingers at any of you.  From time to time we are slow at the uptake, and self-absorbed in our own Shakespearean dramas – know that I am not talking about you either.

I am seriously taking about that rare beast who comes into your life with a phone call or email of nastiness.  The messages that leave you saying, “Where did that come from?”  Then after the interaction you feel it on your soul like black ooze.

For that rare beast I would like to be the one who gives you a kick in the “Paradigm Shift”.  I am going to come from my Spirit Medium side but I know this will resonate with all people in service to others.

As a Medium I am not a super hero.
I have my moments of learning and growth.  I am no different than anyone else in the fact that I get colds, have hard days, go through my monthly cycle, have a dysfunctional family life in my past, feel overwhelmed at times, and yes take a vacation from time to time!  The list could go on and on.  Here is the bottom line.  “I could not do what I do as a medium and healer if I did not have the experiences which gave me the “wisdom” to help others.”  

Most Mediums are not hypocrites, and by that I mean when we say we understand – it means we have had firsthand experiences.   In fact one of the reason I trust myself to help others along is because of those rough patches in life, and the work I have done on my spiritual path to overcome them.  We are not super heroes, we are just people who have done the work to move forward on the path we are on.  When a Medium gets a question they don’t stop till there is an answer that resonates.  Simple – really and something that anyone can do for themselves.

(Puts my winter boot on to prepare for the kicking)

So when those few leave a message, or email that talks of us not being available for them, or wants something done yesterday know that you do not have my sympathy.  If one of those rare beasts happens to read this blog I want you to know the following.

It is not about you.  If you are mad at me because I did not return your call by the time you thought I should – “take a breath”.  99% of the time it is because I cannot return your call yet and NOT because you are less than.  If you emailed me and didn’t hear back – just try again.  You would not believe how many times people put the wrong email address or phone number in the Contact Me feature of my website and as a result never hear back from me.

It is not about you but remember – 

I will not return your call if you are rude to me.  I will not help you if you are demanding.  I will deleted and not respond to mean emails.

I will put up protection, and ask for divine intervention so that you can find your way into the light and learn from your mistake.  I will go out of my way to assist the next person who contacts me with all my heart.  I will make sure that the path of destruction you are on does not affect the people I care about to the best of my ability.

I will expect that others would do the same for me if I were to be in your shoes.

In 2013 with the new 5th dimensional energies I find no reason for anyone to feel entitled.  Including myself.  Let go of your judgments, do good as you do for yourself, and above all else remember that if you are experiencing distress, stress, hurt, drama in your life you are most likely going to draw others to you that are experiencing the same thing.

So to the Few – you know who you are.  Just deal!