A guide to Spiritual Evolution – companion course to the book.

Watch the Short Introduction to the course.

Starting this Fall of 2021.

This 12 part course follows the chapters from the book, “Of F#%k – you mean there’s more?! An Intrepid Guide to Spiritual Evolution. The complete course includes a signed copy of the book. Upon purchase, you will receive links to the live broadcast session.

Each lesson will have audio of the chapter contents, teachings, exercises, and Homework. In addition, expect meditations, channeled material, Q&A sessions, and lots of information relevant to the upcoming evolution. The final session will be all-new material that I did not include in the book.

The course has interviews with healing practitioners who teach self-healing; A conversation with a Master Dowser: and a mini Webinar with the interviewed from Chapter Seven.

For convenience and to focus on the area you are interested in, it can be purchased as individual sessions. Scroll through the list of individual sessions below.

A Guide to Spiritual Evolution – the complete 12 session course

A 12 part course that works as a companion to the book, “Oh – F#%k You mean there’s more?!” Links to participate in the class will be sent out via email.


Here is a list of the individual course sessions and the price per. These individual sessions do not include the book, which you can purchase through FreissenPress.

“No Fluff and Bubbles Authentic Mystic.”

This first session covers deeper material on our fall from Grace, the divine feminine and masculine, understanding where spirituality is headed, self healing and wholeness, while offering several things to practice.


Interviews with Healing Practitioners

In this session we will talk to 3 different healing practitioners, over 1 and a half hours. As talked about in the first chapter of the book I want to emphasize the importance of self healing, These three practitioners are practised in teaching self healing.


Growing Pains of the Fouth-Dimensionalk Kind – Part One

This session looks at the progression from Fourth to Fifth Energies. Based on the material in the chapter, what to expect in the coming year.


Growing Pains of the Fouth-Dimensionalk Kind – Part Two

In this session i want to talk more about access to information in the higher realms, how to work with the three heart centers, and how the body changes have deepened OBE, astral travel, and remote viewing.


Trust being Fantastic. Alchemy, Geomancy and Transmutational magic.

We will be exploring the Geo-sensitivity in all its forms. This is a rarely explored topic of Empathic abilities.


Interview with a Master Dowser Tyhson Banighen

This one hour session will be a conversation with Tyhson on techniques of dowsing when applied to Geomancy.


The Need to Know Shadow Technology

This session will be lessons learn through personal experiences with Shadow tech and a deeper look at how area attacks work. We will also go deeper into understanding the Targeted Individuals out there.


The Star Family and Universal Consciousness.

Where do we fit in Universal Consciousness? This will be material channelled from my guides who are often talking about this deep topic.


Seeing your Footprint: The Connection between Enlightenment and Sustainabilty

Taking a more Shamanic point of view, this session will look at how to deepen your practice and balance this connection with real life drama.


A Webinar on Seeing your Footprint.

We go back and offer the interviewed a chance to talk about how this has influenced there lives and how you can gain from there experiences. It also offers students an opportunity to ask any questions you have from the chapter.


Emotion – Motion, what’s your Commotion

We wrap up the course with a discussion on empathetic abilities with a focus on protection and healthy habits for the coming year.


The Extra Chapter that never made it into the Book.

This is the chapter I held back from the book. This session will include channelled material, and talk about how Fifth Dimensional time works.


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