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What to expect with the course called, ” A guide to spiritual Evolution.” a companion to the book Oh, F#%k – you mean there’s more?!

The Pillars of light meditation, free but required for doing the course.

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With this you get a signed copy of my book! You will also receive a “Introduction to my services.” Which is a one hour sessions of your chosing. Please see my ‘In Service’ page to see the list of services I provide.

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This includes a signed copy of the book (Oh F#%k – You mean there’s more?!), The 12 part Guide to Spiritual Evolution Course and materials, zoom meetings/discourse, and Two – one hour mentorship sessions. An estimated value of over $600.00 for the amazing price of $175.00 annual subscritpion. The premium content evolves along with Spiritual Evolution so expect to see new books, courses and services.

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