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Channelled message – What to expect in 2022

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This is a channeled message using automatic tying from November 26th 2021. A while back I had asked the Facebook Group if they would like to hear from my guides. I did the first message on Oct 30th Channelled message – how to navigate the remainder of 2021.

I am pretty sure this is the new guide, and as I say in the audio we are still working on how to work with each other. As this goes along it will get better and more details will be delivered and more complexity will come in. I am still jokingly calling him George because all I see of his name is a G and an E.

As I was making the audio more details were coming to me. I suggest you read the typed version while listening. That way you will know what was original and what was being added.

(My guide(s) will deliver some more messages as needed during the coming year, but nothing is scheduled at this time. Please note that my guides are delivering messages with details on 5D in the course material.)


More change, yes, it is going to continue.

More adjusting to the periods of 5D time influences. Not full-on 5D, but this seems to be more intense. Seems to be what is bleeding in right now for some of you more than others. The planet is still on track to 5D in 2027 – 29. This will happen regardless of the inhabitants/humans. You see, the Galaxy is evolving; it is bigger than humanity. New sentience is here, and Earth is a part of that.

Having a spiritual/supernatural/paranormal support system right now is more important than ever before. Why? Because there is an increase in things that just seem too incredible to be real. If you have that group, you can discuss experiences and help each other stay grounded and true to your path in 2022.

Innovations are continuing on personal levels. So, managing your energy is essential. Make sure you prioritize and stick with it. You will all be like bumper cars, so keep your eye on the end goal.

Let creativity take over, as 2022 is all about beginning creation. We are ending the deconstruction of the 4D. Even though it is not acknowledged in the mainstream, disclosure has happened. So take that knowledge you have buried inside and let it sprout.

There will be pockets of delight, as it is time for everyone to take back their ‘happy’. You will be surprised at how easy that can be if you can isolate from the Collective Consciousness and connect to the bigger picture, Universal Consciousness.

Two different states: preparing for the lowered energies while staying in the higher energies – continues in 2022. While doing this, please note that Nov. 21, 2021, was a gateway. You haven’t stepped through one of those for some time now. It means you accomplished what you were meant to. As you move forward, there will be fewer power struggles between state and individuals. But only if you let it happen – that is the key. Remember the power in your words and how being calm and grounded affects the outcome. Do not expect permission; trust the knowing you have inside when choosing a path.

A lot of spiritual technology has been brought in since 2013. It is time to start using it. Once again, trust is needed to move forward from the tried-and-true modalities and embrace what is in the now. You are encouraged to discuss this issue – support each other. What spiritual technology are you using? What modalities? What ones have you learned by taking a class? What ones have you developed on your own intuitively? How do you are mediums work now, because it is all different than it was before? How do your readings work? Are you finding new divination tools?

Has Anyone found oracle locations yet? Some fascinating ones are out there, with more coming soon. These are related to doorways between the dimensions and Nodes/vortexes. They are not just connections to Gaia. Now they are connections into the Universal Consciousness, which can deliver individual higher consciousness to an area and share vibrations of light.

No matter what age, all of you are experiencing a feeling of conclusion. Please be careful to avoid turning it into melancholy. The actual conclusion is not here yet, but it is a feeling from the Universal Consciousness. Once again – because this is happening to the Galaxy, not just humanity. (Eant talked about this in 2016).

And so it is.

Here is the link to the previous channelled message on Oct. 30th