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I would highly recommend Lea Walters for anyone seeking spiritual guidance. With her vast spiritual knowledge, education, and experience combined with her profound, fine-tuned precision energy healing work, she was able to help, and guide me to break down and collapse dark energetic boundaries to let the light flow in!!

She is not afraid to dive into the depths of the shadows, the dark side of spirituality that a lot of others will not go. Lea has more knowledge on these darker subjects than anybody I could find. I searched high and low. With open ears, an open heart, and a very humble empathetic soul, this woman did all in her power to come to a solution to my problems. I am forever grateful for having met this beautiful soul on this spiritual journey of mine, and all the good things to blossom from it yet to come. Thank you for all you have done for me!!

Lisa Hickey 💓✨


My sessions with Lea this past summer (2022) were profoundly healing. Lois is very professional, compassionate, and well-versed in the modality of Shamanic healing. As a mentor and friend, she has also provided strong intuitive guidance, which has assisted me tremendously in expanding my own spiritual growth. I am forever grateful; thank you, Lea.

Paulette Morrissey


Lea has a unique ability to help me focus my energy and then understand the messages that come with that energy. She has helped me uncover my telepathic ability and, more importantly, how to use it. Although we met briefly many years ago, all our communication is done via different software over the Internet. That also helps us review and research things we have written to each other. This keeps us grounded and focused on one of the most important things we work on. Using our connection and communication, we can create timelines for the near future. By sensing the fluctuations in the earth’s geomatic field and combing that with dream interpretations and psychic knowing, we have successfully mapped out significant events before they happen.

Mathew Barron


Lea Walters has been one of the most amazing mentors/teachers I have ever had the privilege to meet and learn from. Our time together over this past year of learning and practicing Shamanism has been super informative, very interesting and so much fun.

Lea is very in tune with the Natural Laws and Traditions of various practices. Her abilities are phenomenal and have helped to make this last year of Shamanism Mentorship a very memorable journey for me. I have learned so much and will take all that knowledge and continue to do my practices which has already enabled me to assist my client’s healing journeys even better. I highly recommend Lea as a mentor, guide, teacher and healer to everyone!

Shannon Fischer c/o Webenessence Enterprise’s


I have known Lea, for well over 15 years. Long before she started on her journey to become a Minister. Lea, helped me on my journey to discover my spiritual life. She has successfully completed her Ministerial studies through the University of Sedona in Arizona.

Lea provides an address to the Spiritual Church in Salmon Arm BC on a quartile basis. Her addresses to the congregation are well thought out and researched. They are also thought-provoking. Each address is beautifully written and often accompanied by artwork and meditation.

Reverend Colleen Hoople –  Spiritualist Church of Salmon Arm


I recommend “OH, Fuck – you mean there’s more!?” and the accompanying course to everyone who knows there is more, to this universe, than what can be seen or heard. Those who want to learn about the 5 W’s of the unknown.

Rev Lea Walters provides the information on issues you need to understand and then uses practical homework to get a deeper understanding. Fight the Fear!! Lea invites guests, who have life experiences, to discuss topics related to a specific chapter. I have learned so much.

Sammi Boden


Lea’s metaphysical experience and wisdom are instrumental in expanding our CE5 group’s experience and connection with higher beings. She guides us safely into higher dimensional space and provides us with the knowledge we need to have clear communication with beings that represent our best and highest good. Every CE5 event she leads is a new and ever-expanding experience. Thank you, Lea, for sharing your wisdom with us!”

Carolyn Goodall – Energy Wisdom & Tea Lounge


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