1st Book released date.

Dec 20th 2020

It is with much pride I get to finally say the book is up for sale! Thank you everyone who has made it through this journey with me.

Here is the link to the FriesenPress site where it is for sale, as the best price is through them. It is available in e-book and softcover format.

Oh, F#%k – You Mean There’s More!? An Intrepid Guide to Spiritual Evolution. by Rev. Lois Gueret

May 8th 2020

As you can see it has been months since I updated this information.  The short version is I have switched publishers and we are about 1/3 of the way through there process to publish my book.  I am expecting it to go up for sale around August 2020.  It is with FriesenPress now and looks to me well managed through them

Although I had precognition and warning that something like Covid was coming in our future, I did not have the when. Please have patience with me on how long this is taking.

February 19th 2020

It has been months since I updated, and for that I apologize.  Although the Kickstarter campaign was not successful, I did manage to make an arrangement with the backers I did have.  I have honoured the reward program and accepted donations directly.

Since then the Editor has finished the editing, and creation of the epub version of the book.  the editor also wrote the back cover blurb for me.  My daughter has created the book cover! Now all I am waiting for is the review from IngramSpark.  Then I want to order a copy of the book for myself, because that will be the final review before I release the copy to the public for sale!

November 23rd

It is time for the latest update. This afternoon I emailed the latest update back to the editor. My part of the changes is now complete! I am still very excited by this whole process – editing is fun!
My focus for the rest of the week will be promoting the campaign and trying to reach my goal! I have 45 days left and
I am wondering if anyone has considered one of the pledges as a Christmas gift to a loved one. Great value for the New Year!
There are some pretty good rewards at the 10, 15, and 25 dollar pledge range. At 50 you get those and you also receive a copy of the book.
The $100.00 pledge contains an extra chapter that is not included in the book! It will be filled with up to date information for 2020! And of course, the top pledge will get you everything and a 2-hour online conference in March of 2020.

November 20th

Here is the link to the live show and of course where you will find it afterward if you could not catch it live.

Tomorrow November 21st, at 3pm. Tyhson Banighen, the host of The Wellness Show interviews the paranormal consultant Rev. Lois Gueret on “what are we experiencing now with Universal Consciousness and the general state of spirituality.”


November 18th

This Thursday, November 21st I am doing a podcast with Tyhson Banighen. I am not sure when it will be posted for viewing but I will let you know. I will be talking about the book and if you have any questions PM them to me and I can answer them on the show! https://www.facebook.com/groups/TheWellnessShow/

November 11, 2019

The Kickstarter campaign is up and running!

Ok, my Kickstarter campaign is up as of today. 🙂 Please share if you want too, and please support if you can. Thank you, everyone, who has been on this journey with me.


November 8th, 2019

The first book I am taking to Publication is “OH, F*%k – you mean there is more?!” An intrepid guide to spiritual evolution.

It has taken me longer than I had planned to get to this point, but here we are.  Nothing has been wasted as more information was added in there over the years, and it is all pertinent!

The Kickstarter campaign is going live this weekend, with a goal of $2600.00 Canadian to edit the material I have ready.  I am pretty proud of the rewards program I set up, so all donations will represent a bonus to you.  From a mention in the book, book study interactive group on Facebook, a secret extra chapter to a 2-hour online seminar, everyone should have that added incentive to contribute to my goal.

Here is a sneak peek at the back cover:

“Rev. Gueret is a rescue medium and paranormal consultant, who is also a metaphysical minister, spirit medium and healer. She has been working in this field for 35 years now.
This first published work is intimate and personal, filled with lots of her own experiences, then at the same time, it is a “guide to people in spiritual evolution.”
The book covers spiritual, mystical, and metaphysical issues facing people today. It explores the darker aspects of these issues at times but also offers well-grounded advice.

The guidance is based on the spiritual thought from this decade, new changes to the energy bodies, 4th-dimensional energies journeys, and the effect the spiritual growth has on all of us.  It teaches basics on Geomancy, Alchemy, and Transmutational magic. It goes on further to help readers to shape/heal the world, lessen the effects of shadow technology, understand and embrace Universal Consciousness – including our star family ET visitors and the interdimensional beings around us.

The final chapter on “SEEING YOUR FOOTPRINT – THE CONNECTION BETWEEN SUSTAINABILITY AND SPIRITUAL EVOLUTION” ends the book on a high note with transcribed conversations with three different people working hard to walk their talk.

Soon will come the day we will live in a civilization that supports community and universal consciousness. This guide book is ready to help us all journey to that future.  Come join the evolution and gain an understanding of your personal ‘Oh, Fuck – you mean there is more?!” moments.”

I am on track at this time for the book to go on sale in January 2020.